Eat It, Assholeface

June 30, 2009 – 12:45 pm by McD


Gonna keep this one short and sweet because I’m doing a celebratory dance as I type this. Kelvin Sampson’s appeal of the NCAA’s restrictions on him has been denied. DENIED, I tell you.

You suck, assholeface. Go fuck yourself for screwing IU’s basketball program up, for making the fans believe for a second that your bullshit was actually the solution to our problems, and for making me celebrate your punishment as a pathetic attempt at feeling better about the horrible year the Hoosiers just endured because of you. Tom Crean doesn’t have time for this bullshit because he’s busy driving his sweet golf cart around Bloomington and recruiting the hell out of some kids who are never going to know your name. This train has only one stop, baby. Victory!  Never show your face in Indiana again. Assholeface.

Wow, that got bitter quickly. Still dancing though.

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