Blogs With Balls 1.0: The Hangover

June 15, 2009 – 10:37 pm by Ryan Phillips


I just got back in town from a great weekend at Blogs With Balls 1.0. For a recap of all the happenings at the largest gathering of sports bloggers in the history of bloggerdom, check out the write up Sarah Spain of Mouthpiece Sports put together today. The organizers of the event have listed all the various recaps of the weekend here and here and Sports Illustrated’s Jeff Pearlman – who was in attendance and a member of one of the panels – gave his perspective of the event on his blog.

Here’s what I learned after spending Saturday in a basement with 300 other bloggers.

1. Spencer Hall is hilarious.

2. Bethlehem Shoals of Free Darko and Sporting News fame is opinionated. He’s also a great guy and completely right about the sports media vs. mass media “war.”

3. Matt Ufford (of With Leather and KSK) will now be my go-to moderator for everything. He was the only guy who got anyone to shut the hell up. God, bloggers are annoying.

4. Amy K. Nelson is not only smart, really cool and an excellent journalist, she’s also really cute. I can now say I actually have a crush on an ESPN reporter not named Erin Andrews and I’m totally fine with that.

5. Drinking free Guiness all day is not a good idea if you want to pay close attention to eight panels and a featured speaker.

6. Blogs With Balls was a phenomenal idea, so kudos to the guys at Hugging Harold Reynolds (and HHR Media Group) and I can’t wait until BwB 2.0, this October in VEGAS BABY!

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