Barking Up The Wrong Tree? (Or Bush In This Case)

June 1, 2009 – 11:07 am by TheBaker

Apparently Charles Barkley is trying to get fired.

In case you missed Chuck Steak’s latest misstep here’s a peak at what happens when medications are mixed.

Calling Kenny Smith “numbnuts” is fair game. Smith is the weakest of TNT’s in-studio trio (sometimes quartet). I’m hoping they replace him with Chris Webber sometime soon. I know, you’re crying over the split between Webber and his NBATV cohort Gary Payton (by far the most entertaining NBA coverage out there), but there might be room for both of them. Barkley might be on his way out. I mean you can’t call your producer a “pussy” on live television.

Barkley has had the propensity to just spew shit out of his mouth. Who can forget him divulging to a police officer the reason he blew a stop sign wasn’t because he was drunk, only that he wanted to get blown. And it wasn’t just any blow job, he was on his way to get the best blow job of his life. Unfortunately for Chuck, the only blowing action involved a breathalyzer.

(How many times can I use blow/blew/blown in a paragraph?)

My favorite part of the clip has to be Reggie Miller’s understandably shocked response:

“What is wrong with you?”

Seriously, Chuck. What’s going on in there? For a man who had aspirations of one day being the governor of Alabama, you’ve certainly taken a politician-like freefall from grace (see Blagojevich, Rod and Craig, Larry).

Now Chuck, you’re certainly entertaining. TNT (even with Kenny Smith) has -by far – a much better NBA studio team than ESPN. Jon Barry is OK, but Magic Johnson has to go. It’s downright painful to watch. If you look close, you can actually see Michael Wilbon cringe when Magic speaks.¬†Though I’ll always remember the magical words from Earvin during a pre-movie greeting at one of his Magic Johnson Theaters in Cleveland. He wanted to remind the audience to leave their guns and gang violence where it belongs – on the streets. Not in a theater. “Leave your colors at home.” Hmm, maybe this wasn’t the best place to watch “Bad Boys II.”

Sorry for the tangent. Back on point and ESPN… Mix in Stuart Scott (the worst thing to happen to a mic since Roseanne’s “rendition” of the National Anthem) emceeing the group, and TNT was a bastion of hope for NBA viewers looking for escape.

Barkley has been TV gold since TNT hired him in 2000. He’s honest, to the point and hilarious. It would be a shame to see him go. But he’s certainly making it hard for his bosses to justify not firing him. Although in TV, ratings do the talking. And after Charles’s latest mishap, perhaps ratings will go up. Who wouldn’t want to watch what the Chuck Wagon says next?

TNT doesn’t get any of the NBA Finals games, so their coverage this season is done. Will we see Barkley back in his seat next season or has he finished his TNT stint?

Stay tuned.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Barking Up The Wrong Tree? (Or Bush In This Case)”

  2. Barkley did call the Magic beating the Cavaliers which Kenny Smith seemed to think was a ridiculous notion after the Cavs swept the first two series.

    I second the love for Reggie’s reaction.

    By Sean on Jun 1, 2009

  3. Sadly……that may be the highlight of Reggie Miller’s Post-NBA career.

    By Carswell on Jun 1, 2009

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