The Balls On These Guys, Part II

May 26, 2009 – 12:51 am by Ryan Phillips

Adrian Gonzalez Brian Giles San Diego Padres

Yesterday the San Diego Padres won their 10th straight game. They didn’t just win it, they had an improbable comeback against a division rival on the road. They trailed 7-1 entering the top of the 8th inning. They scored five runs in the eighth, then tied the game with another run in the ninth off of Arizona Diamondbacks closer Chad Qualls. Then, in the top of the 10th, Chase Headley launched a two-run home run to deep right center, putting the Padres up by two. Heath Bell came on and closed out the 9-7 win in perfect fashion.

The win was San Diego’s 10th in a row. This streak follows a stretch during which the Friars lost six straight.

McD and I have written many times about our disgust at the state of our hometown San Diego Padres. The Friars are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary and are widely regarded as one of the worst teams in baseball. Early in the year I accepted that fact. I wrote them off and after the “Hoffman Affair” decided that I would sit back and watch from afar this season.

Then they started winning and I hated them for it. They jumped out to a 9-3 start. I could no longer just sit by and watch as my boyhood favorites took off and played phenomenal baseball, I had to watch. Just when I thought I was finally out, they pulled me back in!

Then, like they were supposed to do, the Padres dropped like a rock. Over the next few weeks, they went 4-19. That level of futility is incredible. At one point they lost every game of a road trip and until yesterday they had dropped 11 straight road games.

And now, after playing like that, they have the balls to string together 10 straight wins? Really? Screw you guys. Seriously, how can you play that horribly then all of a sudden turn into the hottest team in baseball?

The thing about this team is that it’s really fun to watch them when they’re winning. They have two of the most underrated players in baseball in Adrian Gonzalez and Jake Peavy and the team really looks like they actually enjoy each other’s company and have fun playing the game. Scrappy veterans like David Eckstein, Henry Blanco and Heath Bell have an edge that’s rubbed off on the younger players. And now they have Anthony Keith Gwynn Jr. on the roster.

But I know exactly what they’re doing. They’re just trying to get me back to Superfan mode. They’re pulling me in so they can crush my hopes once again. I know their game and I’m not playing anymore. I’m fully prepared for and will not lament the team’s impending collapse. When it happens I’ll just do what I always do – shake my head and utter the same two word refrain that’s sustained me for years.

Fucking Padres.

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  1. 6 Responses to “The Balls On These Guys, Part II”

  2. Peavy isn’t underrated, and Gonzalez won’t be after this season.

    By McD on May 26, 2009

  3. being a Padres fan is like being Charlie Brown when Lucy holds the football—you really think she’s going to hold it, and at the last minute she yanks it away—Padres reel you in and then at the point where you think they’ve got it and might win the division, they lose every road game and make you know that you’ve been taken again.

    By MamaD on May 26, 2009

  4. Even the few years in our lifetime when the Friars have been good, the football gets yanked away. I’m looking at you Scott Brosius.

    By Booter on May 26, 2009

  5. I like watching this team when they’re winning, too. Especially when they leave Giles and his shitty .167 average (or whatever) out of the game like they did on Sunday.

    By Red on May 26, 2009

  6. Did you know that Trevor Hoffman is currently 11/11 in saves for the Brewers and hasn’t given up a single run in 13 innings? Sorry, I’m an ass…

    By Cousin Charlie on May 27, 2009

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