Peavy To The Other Chicago Team?

May 21, 2009 – 10:03 am by McD


The Chicago White Sox have thrown their hat into the Jake Peavy Sweepstakes. And I continue to use mixed metaphors. Tough day all around.

Look, Phillips has said again and again and again and again that Peavy ain’t going anywhere, but that’s not really the point anymore. There are always going to be teams interested in dealing for a Cy Young winning pitcher who has several years left in his prime. That’s kind of a given. But the team has become such a mess that even Jake Peavy isn’t untouchable.  Teams think they can actually get him. Man, am I glad I’m taking the season off. It’s the one positive result of the Hoffman fiasco.

The fans are already staying away in droves and the spectre of the team dealing its best pitcher hanging over the park all season is a great way to keep them home for good. Even if the team shows some life, there’s no incentive for the fans to show up.

Who the fuck are the fans going to the park to see if Peavy gets traded? Hell, his starts are barely events now because the fans know the team probably won’t score enough runs to get him a win. It’s painful to watch, or not watch, in my case. Adrian Gonzalez is one of the five best first basemen in the league, but he’s not gonna get 40,000 people to the park to see him hit with no protection in the lineup. Sure, he could go yard, but the other guys are shit.

I can’t imagine Moorad is a huge fan of this move though. The guy is in the process of buying the team and they’re about to sell off what will be his most valuable asset.  Maybe he’ll stop the move himself.

But look, Jake, it’s up to you to save this team from itself. You don’t want to play in the American League anyway, so you’ve gotta use the no-trade clause in your contract to stay with the Padres. Trust me, the organization wants you in San Diego. They’re just too fucked up to say it. Veto the deal now and be filthy in your next start like you were against Cincy in your last one.

Fucking Padres.

Less depressing update: Looks like the deal isn’t as close as The Man a.k.a. ESPN wants you to think.

Super Happy Fun Time update: Peavy said nyet to the deal. Good man, Jaker!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Peavy To The Other Chicago Team?”

  2. I come into work all happy it’s Thursday and someone sends me a text saying “ESPN says Peavy has been traded to the White Sox” and I almost literally threw up. Fucking Padres, indeed.

    By Red on May 21, 2009

  3. I can’t believe Peavy would accept this trade. Going from the Padres to the White Sox is not exactly something to feel good about. At least the Padres are located in San Diego. San Diego or the south side of Chicago? Not a tough decision.

    By LR. on May 21, 2009

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