Link Dump!

May 12, 2009 – 7:50 pm by McD

The Hoff reads the links. You should too. The awesome-est part? We already had a “David Hasselhoff” tag.

Who was worse: the Cincinnati mayor or Gary from the Howard Stern Show? – Busted Coverage

Your Padres/Cubs series preview – Strait Pinkie

Tony Romo failed to qualify for the US Open again. Thank God – Shutdown Corner

Jesse Ventura’s mullett is awesome – Hugging Harold Reynolds

Damn, I hate Roger Clemens – Sharapova’s Thigh

Looks like Regis is gonna owe John Saunders some money – Awful Announcing

Listening to Devin Hester talk is fun – Epic Carnival

The Molina brothers. Maybe we are carrying three catchers after all – More Hardball

Nice throwing, Carolla – Outside the Boxscore

Nice “teamwork” here – Sports Rubbish

Oscar de la Hoya is at it again – No Guts, No Glory

NFL to Europe twice? I fucking hope not – Bootlegger Sports

The hell happened there? – With Leather

After the jump, “Manny Being Manny” by Gory Bateson.

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