Katrina Bowden Picture and Today’s Links

May 15, 2009 – 1:09 am by McD

Wanna know what that stuff in her hair is? It’s the triumphant return of Katrina Bowden Thursdays! For those who don’t know, Katrina plays Cerie Xerox on NBC’s “30 Rock”, which none of us actually watch.

Coupla wise guys, eh? – Hugging Harold Reynolds

Your Cavs playoff roundup – Cleveland Frowns

Golf announcers are the shit are a bit insane. But I guess you’d have to be – Devil Ball Golf

Tonight, in a very personal Maskot Kombat: The San Diego Chicken vs. The Friar. I like the Friar by KO in the 5th. I mean, he IS carrying a bat – More Hardball

Nice to see no one in the band managed to knock Chuck Liddell out – Total Pro Sports

I used to only drink on the big occasions, but “Hey! It’s the Preakness!” made me realize I had a problem – Busted Coverage

The ability to throw 100 mph isn’t all that great. Yeah, neither is having a million dollars. But you still suck less if you have either one – Zoner Sports

Any story including both Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Banks has got to be too weird to be false – Dallas Morning News

Is Kimbo Slice’s MMA career over? – Fanhouse

The REAL son of Sam Horn – Prov City

The Top ten things Sid the Kid said to Semin last night – The Steel City Sports Fan

The Hall of Fame for coaches in movies – The Red Stapler Chronicles

JaMarcus Russell = Fail. Holy God do I love that the idiot combo of Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner are in charge of this guy. It’s a gift to the Chargers from the football gods – Sports Illustrated

You jackin’ it? – Deadspin

KenFlo does his thing on Danny Bonaduce – Cagewriter

And finally, more on the anomaly that is Micah Owings – The Hardball Times

After the jump: I’m not coming back for Oates.

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