Katrina Bowden Picture and Today’s Links

May 29, 2009 – 1:39 pm by McD


It’s Friday, but is that too late to have Katrina Bowden Thursday? Hell no!

No, Jake, don’t listen to him. Don’t pick a team. Stay in San Diego forever! – Big League Stew

Sounds like a plan to me. Here’s to the 09-10 Coca Cola Championship Champions! God that sounds awful. And not to pull a reverse-Dave in Newcastle on you, but if Ameobi should be thrown into the Tyne as part of the change, then so be it – NUFC Blog

What’s really scary is Houston Nutt is about as close as the SEC gets to a moral compass – Every Day Should Be Saturday

A bit more on “Vote for Manny” – It is About the Money, Stupid

Suck it, Mo Williams – That NBA Lottery Pick

Baseball anagrams! – More Hardball

The Problem with Cleveland. There’s just one? – Cleveland Frowns

Fluminense fans get to do this and I can’t send Adrian Gonzalez locks of my hair? Weak, America. Weak – Sports Rubbish

The Rays suck right now, but hey, how about MY San Diego Padres? – Sharapova’s Thigh

Great moments in 2008-09 Euro basketball cheerleading – Busted Coverage

An ode to white ballers – Quite to the Contrary

The sad mess that is Khalil Greene’s career – Josh Q. Public

Remember when Kristin Cavallari was an innocent high school girl who just happened to be on an Mtv reality show? Me either. – Strait Pinkie

Birdman. Shannon Brown. Shannon Brown. Birdman. POSTERIZED!!! – The World of Isaac

Well shit, if she only had 89 rooms, then she wouldn’t be a princess, would she? – FanIQ Blog

I don’t mean to sound exactly like Phillips will all through fall camp, but USC isn’t going to suck this year – Dr. Saturday

Rumors of a woman sobbing loudly in Sergio Garcia’s hotel rooms on tour were (possibly) exaggerated – Devil Ball Golf

Liddell used HGH? Say it ain’t so, Chuck! – Cagewriter

Todd Tichenor got his money’s worth last night – Deadspin

Has Milton Bradley’s strike zone indeed been widened? This is why I love the internet – The Baseball Analysts

So, KSK live-blogged the national spelling bee… – Kissing Suzy Kolber

Why the fuck would Toronto FC want this matchup? – Soccer by Ives

The Simple Zone Rating. I’m already sold – The Hardball Times

After the jump, the trailer for “Public Enemies.” Good thing you can’t see where Phillips’ hands are while this is playing. It looks THAT good.

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