Get Ready To Shake Your Bhutia

May 19, 2009 – 11:01 am by TheBaker

What does Jason Taylor and Indian soccer star Baichung Bhutia have in common?

They both pissed off their respective teams by “Dancing With The Stars.”

Only in India it’s called “Sony’s Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.”

Taylor didn’t last long in Miami after Bill Parcells let it be known he was none to pleased his best player was dancing after a 1-15 season. Taylor was sent packing (only to return a season later).

On Friday, Bhutia’s club, Mohun Bagan (the oldest in India), banned him from team practice and served a showcause notice asking him to explain why he missed training and an exhibition match without permission. In a scathing letter to Bhutia, which was leaked to the press, the team gave Bhutia 48 hours to explain his “erratic behavior” and “advised” him not to join the team practice.

Everyone knows Bhutia was dancing. It’s on national TV. In fact, he got the most votes last week. And below you can watch him bust a move:

The same people that made Sanjaya Malakar a “star” are at again. The people from Bhutia’s hometown, Gangtok, are stuffing the ballot box to make sure their guy wins. A local social organization is even helping pay for some of the votes, offering voucher coupons for Bhutia votes.

“Citizens Forum has taken the responsibility to ensure that the son of Sikkim wins the reality show. He has shown considerable commitment towards dancing and is doing everything that a footballer can do to be a dancer.”

See therein lie’s the problem for Bhutia’s team. The team’s general secretary Anjan Mitra wrote:

“Baichung remained too occupied with other activities like television reality shows and was not at all committed to the cause of the club.”

Mitra goes on to blame Bhutia, the team’s captain, for their inability to win the league title.

“Your performance during the later stages of ONGC I-League and Super Cup was not up to the desired standard. This is one of the main reasons that Mohun Bagan could not win the League.

It is eveident that this season your focus has shifted from football and it has now become secondary interest. It is unexpected from a senior professional footballer.”

Well, now Bhutia feels totally slighted and wants out. Sound familiar? Heck, forget soccer. Maybe he should make a movie. Indian cinema is huge in America right now. Perhaps, “Foxtrot Millionaire.”

And because you know you want it, here’s some more Biachung bogeying:

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