Gemma Atkinson Picture and Today’s Links

May 27, 2009 – 11:29 pm by McD


I don’t mean to pile on –  wait yes I do – but it’s worth mentioning that Cristiano Ronaldo passed up Gemma Atkinson for some prostitutes (allegedly). But you already knew he was a douche. And now he’s a Champions League Final losing douche.

Arsegate. Great name. And how come people in the UK can say “arse” all the time, but it’s like impolite to say “ass” when I’m meeting my girlfriend’s parents? – Sports Rubbish

Vote for Manny! That’s right, I said FOR Manny – It’s About The Money, Stupid

ESPN channels its inner “Fresh Prince” – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

The Memphis Tigers are in some shit – FanIQ Blog

I think my parents were going to name me El Dandy at one point – Hugging Harold Reynolds

Jesus Matt Wieters is making his major league debut! – Baltimore Sun

Now that’s how you get rid of a player – Mister Irrelevant

Yeah, that was a truly horrible call – The World of Isaac

Lima Time loves the ladies – Busted Coverage

I mean, I’m a great driver and I know my life story inspired the “Fast and the Furious” movies, but you gotta be better than this – Epic Carnival

After the jump, the top ten Lionel Messi goals. Because he’s a thousand times better than Ronaldo. That’s right, Man U fans. I said it.

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