The Yankees Don’t Get It (Surprise, Surprise)

April 29, 2009 – 8:47 am by McD

Holy sweet baby Jesus do the Yankees suck at life.

The spend a bazillion dollars but never pause to think about how to properly construct a baseball team when they could have easily used their own late 90’s example. They replace Yankee Stadium with a new Yankee Stadium that is a monument to the narcissism and hubris that have run that organization for 30 years. Then they price their fans out of all of the good seats at said stadium. THEN they lower prices, but the publicly-funded stadium was so monstrously expensive, the prices haven’t gone low enough to let the fans back in. Thanks a lot, guys.

Actually, the Yankees are something of a perfect metaphor for American thinking in this decade, especially during the financial crisis.

Think about it: spend tons of money, lose the pennant/manufacturing race to other, leaner competing organizations/countries and as a result of the money spent and rabid demands of the fanbase, expect to win but no one knows how that’s actually going to happen.

So maybe I’m over-simplifying, but still (note the power of the “but still…” argument).

So yes, thank you New York Yankees for deigning to lower your outrageous prices slightly so you can pretend to give a shit about the fans. It’s not like lowering the expensive ticket prices actually gives anyone an incentive to go to Yankee Stadium. Fans can still see all the games on the team’s television network for free, and they can still see the empty seats and ask, “who the fuck would pay $750 $550 for one ticket to one game for a seat in the second deck?” Oh but hey, the new stadium has a nice concourse! And lots of home runs! Come see those!

Those ticket prices were absurdly high even before the market collapse. The Yankees just hoped that businesses would buy those premium seats. Sort of like how they hoped that $200 million roster would win the World Series or, you know, make the playoffs.

It’s hard for me to contain my glee at the suffering of this franchise. They’ve done a fantastic job proving that baseball needs a salary cap to protect the teams from themselves. They are the Marie Antoinette of franchises and Bud Selig is Louis XVI.

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