Sean Avery Strikes Again and Tim Thomas Doesn’t Like It

April 6, 2009 – 12:00 am by admin

There aren’t many people that enjoy Sean Avery’s shenanigans except, well, Sean Avery.

Among Avery’s all-time hits are the now-infamous “sloppy seconds” line, which was just classic comedy if you ask me. In the end, though, it got him run out of Dallas

Even farther back, there was the screen he pulled during the playoffs where he basically face guarded Martin Brodeur. As a result, the NHL instituted the “Avery rule” overnight to make such an act illegal. Awesome.

And now we come to his most recent act of dumbassery. During a timeout against Boston this weekend, Avery “accidentally” hit Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas in the back of the head with his stick, after which Thomas made a run at Avery and presumably called him a douchebag.

Draw your own conclusions as to Avery’s intent from the video, but we know his history. He’s a clown. Period.

When will it stop, Sean, when will it stop?

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