Major League Baseball Never Ceases to Amaze

April 7, 2009 – 12:12 am by admin

There are a lot of things for which I like to blame Bud Selig. The steroids era (partially), tie All Star games, the bad economy, the plague….I could go on for days.

On Monday, one of the greatest days in all of sport with baseball’s Opening Day and the NCAA basketball national title game, I found another reason to quibble with Selig’s league.

When I woke up this morning, about an hour away from Chicago, there was a noticeable amount of snow on the ground. It was terrible. Clearly the White Sox weren’t going to play. In fact, they postponed the game Sunday.

There was another PPD on Monday, this one out in Boston.

I mean, a lot of what’s cool about opening day is all the pomp and crap that comes with it. It’s still a big deal for fans on some level.

There’s nothing worse than a PPD. Come back tomorrow. Lame.

So, why bother scheduling teams at home on Opening Day in places like Chicago, where snow is a very real possibility in mid-April?

Instead of having the Angels and A’s playing each other on the West Coast, why not send Chicago to Los Angeles and the Royals to Oakland? That way you don’t run as high a risk of putting the PPD up on the schedule.

And I know they often schedule an open date on Tuesday in case the weather is bad, but I don’t see the point in playing games with temps in the low-40s one day after it snowed when you can play them somewhere else either with a roof or in a more hospitable setting.

Or maybe I’m just nit-picking. I don’t know. It just seems logical to this guy.

Although, in fairness, logic often eludes Major League Baseball.

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