Katrina Bowden Picture and Today’s Links

April 30, 2009 – 6:28 pm by McD

It’s Katrina Bowden Thursday! Read the links before she gets a neck cramp.

Matty V is sorry, world. Okay? HE’S SORRY! – NESW Sports

Shearer is demanding an all-out performance against Liverpool on Sunday. He’s still the only player worth a damn on that roster, and he’s the fucking manager. Oh well, fuck the scousers! – NUFC Blog

They shoulda taken Maualuga! Right, Phillips? – Cleveland Frowns

I will now sit outside this gym for as long as it takes… – Busted Coverage

The 10 greatest active hitting pitchers in baseball – Bugs and Cranks

Did the Hornets give up on Chris Paul? – Talk Hoops

Blazer-themed bongs. And you thought you had everything – Ball Don’t Lie

How to March Madness like a man – Sharapova’s Thigh

You suck, Baltimore Sun – The Big Lead

Was Zack Grienke jinxed? – Fantasy Pros 911

Mark Titus is coming back! – Club Trillion

Twitter has jumped the shark – Right Field Bleachers

Jose Canseco is fighting some huge dude in an MMA bout – Sherdog

Potato gun baseball. I’m thinking of starting an offshoot of this blog in which we just shoot potato guns at various objects and people – Home Run Derby

Looks like Joel Zumaya and I have something in common…we both throw 97-100. Oh and we hate the Yankees – The Detroit News

Scotty Pods is back! – Fox Sports

Mike Williams is hoping to get down to 360 by training camp. That’s right. DOWN to 360 – Fanhouse

Jason Whitlock strikes again! – Deadspin

Whatever happened to the Jewish Jordan? – NBC

Ribery out of Bayern? – Soccer by Ives

After the jump…it looks like some one (puts on sunglasses) found a David Caruso CSI: Miami montage.

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