John Calipari is the Only Coach to Keep Kentucky Fans Happy

April 1, 2009 – 12:08 am by admin

You may have heard something about the University of Kentucky looking for a basketball coach.

Turns out the two years with Billy Gillispie didn’t work out as well as everyone thought it would when they paraded him into town.

But luckily for Kentucky, any problem can be erased with a few million dollars. Or $35 million. That’s what Kentucky reportedly offered John Calipari to be its basketball coach. Naturally, he accpeted.

It’s a great thing for Calipari. Lots of money. Coaching at one of the truly storied programs in college basketball, although he’ll have to deal with one of the most cantankerous fan bases in all of college sports (Notre Dame football, IU basketball, etc.).

The fan base won’t be a problem for coach Cal though. He’s going to win a lot of game at Kentucky. A lot. He’ll go to some Final Fours, and probably win some national championships too.

This is exactly what Kentucky fans want to hear. And there’s more.

Calipari will recruit his ass off, compete with Rick Pitino for the best players in the state and surrounding area, schmooze all the right people and rebuild Kentucky into a truly elite program.

With all due respect to Travis Ford and John Pelfrey*, both of whom were beloved players at Kentucky, there is no better choice than Calipari.

Now maybe those Kentucky fans will shut up and quit their bitching.


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  2. TheRiot,
    That’s John Pelfrey, not Mike.

    By D-Ho on Apr 1, 2009

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