Isiah Thomas Now Has A Reason To Stay Awake

April 14, 2009 – 10:46 am by TheBaker

How bad has it gotten for Isiah Thomas? 

Well the disgraced and banished former Knicks coach and president was being linked with a rinky dink job in the Sun Belt Conference. Well, turns out Zeke took the job at FIU

Hmm, a guy who played collegiately at IU and the two letters most Knicks’ fans want to scream at Thomas are FU. Put it together and what do you get…(cue the music) F-I-U.

FIU is Florida International University. It’s located in Miami. I’m a South Floridian, so I’ve heard of it (and my sister just got her Master’s from there). It has an enrollment of 30,000 students, but that’s misleading. Students are spread throughout a number of different campuses in Broward and Dade counties.

FIU is known most notably in basketball circles for being the alma mater of Raja Bell and Carlos Arroyo. Yup, that’s as good as it gets. The school’s football team joined Division I (or the Football Bowl Subdivision) in 2005, and to the school’s credit it’s giving athletics the good old college try.

Now, we love Isiah. We’re Indiana grads, and he brought us the 1981 NCAA title, so we have to love him. But coaching really hasn’t been his forte. But we’re pulling for you Zeke, and so are these FIU notable alumni – all six of them. Just don’t fall asleep on the job.

Big Golden Panthers fans:
Andy Garcia – actor; “Black Rain” and “The Untouchables” being my two favorites of his.
Mike Lowell – Boston Red Sox third baseman
Dennis Lehene – author; “Mystic River”
Steve Ralston – pro soccer player; MLS’ all-time leader in assists.
Syesha Mercado – “American Idol” contestant; she finished second runner-up on the show’s seventh season last year.

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  2. Florida International is also known as the school who brawled with Miami on the footbaw field a couple of years ago, earning half of Miami’s team a suspension for the game at Duke.

    By MJenks on Apr 14, 2009

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