If Picking Tiger Isn’t Your Thing Try Out a Certain Englishman

April 9, 2009 – 1:36 am by admin

Today begins one of my favorite events in all of sport: Golf’s first major, the Masters.

Part of what I like about the Masters is very simple; while seeing fantastic camera shots of blooming azalias and grass you could eat off, usually up here in the Midwest there’s still a threat of snow (in fact, it’s supposed to be 55 degrees and sunny, but that’s subject to change).

Another is the early season drama of a major. It’s Amen Corner, it’s all that rides on the 72nd hole Sunday. Yeah, all that crap.

Aside: I have a buddy that loves the Masters so much he once skipped all his classes and drank wine until he couldn’t sit on the couch anymore without falling off because, to him, it’s the best event ever.

The question with this Masters is hovering over everyone: Tiger or the field?

It’s a simple question with a simple answer. Of course the field is the logical choice. It always is, no matter the tournament. Always take the odds.

Tiger did prove a couple weeks back at Bay Hill, however, that he is officially back and ready to make a run at the same-season Grand Slam.

But I still like taking the field. And if there’s one name on my mind that could win this thing it’s a 31-year old Englishman that attended Arizona State.

Don’t know who it is? Why, it is none other than Paul Casey.

To some degree it’s an easy choice. Although he’s been on some people’s short list of next-to-break-through-at-a-major, Casey is playing well right now. He won last week’s Shell Houston Open in a playoff against J.B. Holmes and also won the Euro Tour stop at Abu Dhabi (for the second time) earlier this year.

Casey has also finished 10th and 11th the last two years in Augusta as well. He’s a very good ball striker and is solid enough around the greens to stay in the hunt all weekend.

So, if you’re sick of Tiger, or just need someone else to root for, that’s my case for Paul Casey. Being No. 6 in the world rankings has to be good for something, right?

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