Friday Night Lights’ Best May Not Be Back

April 28, 2009 – 12:53 am by Ryan Phillips

I just finished watching the end of season three of “Friday Night Lights” and I have to say, it was easily the best season yet. I won’t give anything away – for those of you who haven’t finished up yet, go here and watch – but from readingĀ up on the show’s situation, it’s clear that some of the major players won’t be back for seasons four and five.

The show has a built in mechanism to deal with actors who want to move on: graduation. Sadly, this year’s graduating class from Dillon High School includes show stalwarts, local poon hound and Panther fullback Tim Riggins (played by Taylor Kitsch) and quarterback-turned receiver-turned quarterback Matt Saracen (played by Zach Gilford). Gilford has said his character may, in fact, return, but with Kitsch set to play Gambit in this weekend’s Wolverine spin-off it’s safe to say he’s on to bigger and better things.

The worst thing about Dillon’s class of 2009, is that we have to say goodbye to Lyla Garrity (played by Minka Kelly) and Tyra Collette (played by Adrianne Palicki). Minka and Adrianne combined to give us three years of hotness that may never be rivaled in television history. Seriously, ladies, I thank you. They are both incredible. We’ve debated about, deconstructed and compared these two over and over again (see here and here) and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. As a way to say farewell and stir up some fond memories, we give you an alternating picture-off between Ms. Kelly and Ms. Palicki.

Ladies, you will be missed. Here’s hoping we see you somewhere else soon.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Friday Night Lights’ Best May Not Be Back”

  2. *tear*

    By Pablo on Apr 28, 2009

  3. Minka Kelly already has a new show for next season called Body Politic. However, it apparently co-stars Brian Austen Green, so it should last about 3 episodes.

    By Red on Apr 28, 2009

  4. Are you sure that 4th pic is her? I used tineye and found a few sites that also attribute that set to her, but check it out:

    In half or more of the pics, really doesn’t look like her. Esp. #3.

    By JB on Apr 28, 2009

  5. Sorry, screwed that up… just found this:

    Her name’s listed…

    By JB on Apr 28, 2009

  6. Yep, I’m sure.

    By Phillips on Apr 28, 2009

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