Emily Kuchar Picture and Today’s Links

April 29, 2009 – 8:32 pm by McD

I don’t know who Emily Kuchar is, but she’s definitely enjoying the links. And Zack Greinke. Greinke and Kuchar – a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and 2008 Miss Daytona Beach – are getting married.

The RCS draft report cards – Real Clear Sports

The top ten 2009 NFL Draft bust candidates – The Red Zone Report

Sam Bradford is the first pick in the first 2010 mock draft – Fanhouse

HBO is picking the Bengals for this season of “Hard Knocks” … because they’re not idiots – The Sporting Blog

Speaking of Hard Knocks, here are 5 great ideas for the new season – No Guts, No Glory

Pictures from Raider Nation’s draft party. And they don’t look as freaky as I thought they would – Thoughts from the Dark Side

Chris Mottram is saying peace out to The Sporting Blog – Mister Irrelevant

Renardo Sidney is NOT going to USC after all, so Phillips can breathe easy – LA Times

Twitter is seriously ruining sports – Minneapolis Star-Tribune

In defense of Matty V; that guy DOES look like Donovan McNabb – Cleveland Frowns

Dwight Howard is throwin’ ‘bows (and I’m throwing consecutive apostrophes) – Outside the Boxscore

Finally, pants I can get married in – Devil Ball Golf

Raggin’ on the Rays – More Hardball

So THAT’S what happened before Jordan hit that shot against the Cavs – NESW Sports

Top ten things Yankee fan doesn’t want to hear right now – on 205th

I think it looks pretty much like Wrigleyville does in the offseason anyway – Big League Stew

Josh Pastner will save us all – Bootlegger Sports

Nice work there, lady – Busted Coverage

Rowdy Roddy Piper: prophet – Hugging Harold Reynolds

After the jump, a moment in the life of Lil’ Jon because I’m nostalgic.

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  1. One Response to “Emily Kuchar Picture and Today’s Links”

  2. First of all, that Craig Ehlo video is hilarious. Really funny.

    Secondly, that guy barely looks like McNabb if at all. I agree with the main point of the article, that it was not a racist comment. But it was definitely a dumb comment.

    By Pablo on Apr 30, 2009

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