Adjust Your Bets: Derby Favorite Suffers Fractured Knee

April 13, 2009 – 11:59 am by admin

Have you noticed lately that Kentucky Derby-related news has been cropping up? OK, probably not. But here’s the first big one.

A horse by the name of Old Fashioned (which is also a bourbon-based cocktail for those wanting to know), which had been tabbed as one of the favorites at this year’s Kentucky Derby, suffered a knee fracture while finishing second at the Arkansas Derby this weekend.  

Aside: Can you tell I’m trying to avoid writing about baseball and the Cubs specifically until at least May? It’s a noble goal and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, the injury isn’t life threatening, so you can put away the cards and carrots and Elmer’s glue bottles you were prepared to send in a gift basket. But after surgery back in Lexington, Ky., it’s likely Old Fashioned’s career is over, according to trainer Larry Jones.

Jones and owner Rick Porter would know: They finished second in last year’s Derby with Eight Belles. You know, the horse that broke both front legs and had to be put down right on the track.

I guess what comes next for Old Fashioned is hanging out and impregnating female horses for lots of money. Sound like a sweet deal to me. For a horse.

Photo: Via Louisville Courier-Journal.

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