Thank You, Kyle Taber

March 3, 2009 – 10:15 pm by McD

The Indiana Hoosiers had their senior night Tuesday against Michigan State, and though they lost to the Spartans 64-59, the night was all about IU’s lone senior, Kyle Taber.

Taber is the last holdover from the Mike Davis era of IU hoops. He’s been through four head coaches in his time in Bloomington, been to the NCAA tournament a couple of times, and finished his career on a 6-23 team that redefined futility for future Hoosier teams. His own playing career went from victory cigar, to random sub, to senior leader in a very short time. It had to be a bit surreal. I know it was for the fans. Not so long ago, the words “the fuck is Taber doing in the game?” were uttered quite frequently. He is one of two players who survived the huge dump Assholeface took on the Indiana program.

His last home game was even one last chance to screw Purdue out of a Big Ten championship because the Hoosiers’ loss clinched the (meaningless) regular season title for the Spartans. Take that, train jockeys!

So thank you for your service Kyle Taber. Years from now, when Indiana is back to reversing their current record on a yearly basis, we will all look back with respect and a little bit of fondness on your days at IU. Plus you’re gonna be a trivia question for the rest of your life. So there’s that.


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