Eric Devendorf, White Trash Five-Tooler

March 17, 2009 – 2:34 am by Ryan Phillips

Since today will see streets in towns all across the country littered with pasty white Irishmen (and women) celebrating the beautiful world of alcohol, I figured we should have some sort of homage to pasty whiteness.

So to do that we’re going to discuss one of the biggest feel-bad stories to come around this March, the emergence of Syracuse’s Eric Devendorf

Along with point guard Jonny Flynn, Devendorf was the main reason the Orange were able to make an incredible run to the finals of the Big East Tournament. Without him, Syracuse would have never earned a three seed and the right to smoke Stephen F. Austin on Friday (at 12:15 p.m.). The problem? Devendorf shouldn’t be allowed to represent any university on a basketball floor.

We all know the story of how Devendorf punched a female student in the face back in the Fall while he was on probation for a different violent confrontation with another student. A panel of his fellow students recommended that he be suspended for the entire academic year, but somehow he did community service and now it’s all good.

Who does this guy think he is? You can’t treat a woman like that and just get away with it. Unless, of course, you’re Chris Brown.

Closer examination of this “student athlete” reveals something interesting: he’s hit all five spots on the white trash checklist.

Pasty white skin and awful tattoos?


Kevin Federline-style “thin beard” facial hair selection?


Sunked-eyed, “I just did meth for four days straight” look?


Talks way too much trash for his own good?


Violent towards women?


And there we have it, Mr. Devendorf has hit a grand slam in the white trash department. Congrats Eric, now go fuck yourself.

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  1. 114 Responses to “Eric Devendorf, White Trash Five-Tooler”

  2. The victim did NOT say he punched her.

    Bad things happen @ 3am. He was not arrested and she appeared to have no injuries according to the public safety report. She never explained why a crowd of people had singled her car out.

    Certainly he should not have touched her. However, you appear not to be interested in both sides of the story.

    “Smith said that Devendorf hit her with the heel of his hand in the lower right jaw about 3 a.m. Nov. 1 on Walnut Avenue. Smith, 20, encountered a crowd of about a dozen people walking toward her car, making it impossible to continue driving, according to an SU Department of Public safety report. People started kicking her car, she said.”

    How hard or soft do you have to touch someone to cause them to become alarmed or annoyed. It doesn’t mention injury at all.

    Anyway, he acted like a idiot and served his punishment. You should a correct your blog entry to reflect the reported facts and not inject words like punched that imply a higher level of aggression.

    Also, if you don’t like Syracuse, you should disclose that fact as well.

    By Did you read the whole story? on Mar 17, 2009

  3. dude come down off your high horse and stop judging him. the chick who accused him was a liar (proven in court) why are you so willing to believe her? he was punished and did his suspension, and now he’s free to go back to normal activities – the same treatment you would want if you were falsely accused of something. get over yourself. you are just a Cuse hater!

    By big al on Mar 17, 2009

  4. Eric Devendorf is a horrible human being. Besides being scummy as shown above, he was committed to Michigan State Universty and could have been part of a Final Four team in 2005. Now he is just a future wife-beater who will be known for playing the most overtimes with no championship to show for it.

    By MSU on Mar 17, 2009

  5. Anyone remember Sherron Wilkerson? He was a McDonald’s All-American who played for Indiana, was a pretty good player, but he was picked up for punching his girlfriend, Bob Knight immediately removed him from the team, pulled his scholarship, and (I think) Wilkerson ended up finishing his career for Bruce Pearl at D2 Southern Indiana.

    But then, Boeheim isn’t nearly the coach Bob Knight is.

    By MJenks on Mar 17, 2009

  6. Phillips:

    Devendorf may be a five-tool reprobate, but with this article, you’re batting for the shitty-writing cycle.

    This just in: Most major college ballers act like spoiled, self-entitled brats. I guess that’s why so many go onto successful careers as b-list sports bloggers…

    Congrats, Phillips. Now go fuck yourself.

    By James on Mar 17, 2009

  7. Ayo , Protect ya neck , next time you come up north Phillip.
    Eric would beat you badly at ball . You should keep your hands in your pockects

    By Derek Brown on Mar 17, 2009

  8. Horrible uneducated column. Devendorf simply pushed a drunk hysterical girl away from her…Their was no punch or any kind of strike. Police didn’t charge him because their was no evidence. Girl had no marks on her face or an her body, several witnesses stated Devendorf did not stike the girl…Their was no witnesses backing the girl’s story. Who let this guy writeon the internet.

    By Dan on Mar 17, 2009


    He did that shit. He admitted to doing that shit. And was saved because he’s a basketball player. If he’d been Eric Devendorf, average university student, he’d have been expelled for this, seeing as how it wasn’t his first violation.

    By McD on Mar 17, 2009

  10. Even as a ‘cuse fan I can’t argue that Eric hits the “home run” when it comes to being a punk. But he’s a ‘cuse punk.

    Want him to stop talkin’ smack? How ’bout you keep him from scoring? Otherwise there’s another 3 from the corner. Shut the hell up.

    Chris Brown “gets away with it” because the woman he smacked around stays around. He’s done….and so is she.

    Hey MJenks…really? You’re gonna go there? When was the last time Jimmy shoved a student, or hit a player, or threw a chair (ok, I kinda liked that)?? Nobody outside of IU and the state of Indiana remembers Wilker-whatever. If he was an all-american I would be willing to bet he would have stayed on the team. Just sayin’.

    Hey MSU, just ’cause he came to his senses and wanted to play in a real basketball conference doesn’t make him a “horrible human being.” So he could have played on a Final Four team. I suppose if he had, maybe you would have won the Championship.

    I’ll take him any day….and his ‘tude. And our 3 seed.

    By JP on Mar 17, 2009

  11. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about, and wont be convinced. Eric admitted to being in an altercation not beating a woman. Moron

    By youarewhitetrash on Mar 17, 2009

  12. this kid is the product of white trash thug life america. yeah, he can shoot the lights out on a good night, but aren’t sports about being good athletes and good people. I’d take a so-so baller with Myron Rolle academics and good image anyday over some fake ass eminem thinking that slapping hoes and growing tiny little pubic patches for beards any day. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I wouldn’t want my son to idolize this guy for his great game and white trash social skills.

    By WVU Fan on Mar 17, 2009

  13. this article is so misinformed. eric devendorf was never arrested for hitting his girlfriend. infact the police report never even said he raised a hand to her NOR did the girl say that during the schools disciplinary review. she said they had a verbal altercation.

    i like how you point fingers at devendorf meanwhile there are plenty of college student athletes with worse records than his. just beacuse he’s white and plays the game as black as can be doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be allowed to play ball this year.

    the judicial review by the students was a witch hunt. the second an adult stepped in (appeals board) the punishment was made to FIT THE CRIME. getting into a verbal altercation while on probation probably warranted community service.

    meanwhile no one is talking about KIM SMITH and how she was driving drunk the night of this alleged altercation! GO ORANGEMEN!

    By michael on Mar 17, 2009

  14. The finding of the appeals panel:

    “The hearing board determined that Devendorf did intentionally hit Smith but did not cause her physical harm, according to its decision.”

    He hit her. Plain and simple. I don’t care if she was drunk, a man shouldn’t EVER hit a woman, even if he doesn’t “cause her physical harm.” All the non-basketball playing witnesses (all the basketball players gave the same, rehearsed testimony) said that Devendorf escalated the situation by yelling at the driver, cursing at her and calling her derogatory names. Real mature way to handle yourself buddy.

    By Phillips on Mar 17, 2009

  15. “i like how you point fingers at devendorf meanwhile there are plenty of college student athletes with worse records than his.”

    Yeah I mean look at his running mate Paul Harris, crack slingin and beating women with toasters.. Jimmy B is running a tight ship up there in CNY.

    By BE Hoop Fan on Mar 17, 2009

  16. MSU – get over yourself. Student athletes change commitments all the time. I can’t tell whether you wanted the guy or not – you just seem bitter that he spurned Sparty. Although maybe he should have, because he would have lit up that joke of a conference.

    MJenks – give me a break. Bobby Knight is a straight up asshole. You may not respect Boeheim because he lets “thugs” play on his team. Okay. I don’t respect Bobby Knight because of his violent temper, horrible example he sets in the public eye when coaching, and his dick-ish demeanor in the way he condescended sportswriters throughout his career. Not a shred of human decency in that one.

    Now, with all that said? I’m a ‘Cuse fan, and yes, Devendorf is a piece of shit. But he’s OUR piece of shit.

    By Kotite4Ever on Mar 17, 2009

  17. Nice work, ‘Cuse fans. I point out how your coach isn’t the coach Bob Knight was, and you go straight for the “he’s an asshole” argument. Way to compare two different things. Apparently, that’s the quality of a Syracuse “education”. See, I can do it, too.

    Fine. Yes. Knight’s an asshole. I won’t deny it. But he’s an asshole with three national championships, 900+ wins, an Olympic Gold, and all this without keeping wife beaters on his teams. Amazing. Simply effing amazing. The thrown chair and potted plants are just bonus points.

    You know what, Mike Krzyzewski is an asshole, too. He’s every bit an asshole as Bob Knight is. He’s another foul-mouthed asshole with three national championships, 800+ wins, an Olympic Gold medal. And he, too, somehow manages to not keep players on his team who beat women. What a fucking concept.

    Let’s see, there’s also Roy Williams. Jim Calhoun. Bill Self. Billy Donovan. Tom Izzo. Lots of coaches who are probably all assholes. Lots of coaches with national championships. Lots of coaches without white trash douchebags beating up female students on their teams. Absolutely fucking amazing. How can they manage in this day and age.

    By MJenks on Mar 17, 2009

  18. have you seen a picture of devendorf? if he hit a woman i think there would be a MARK! wake up. i’m 5-11 175 and if i hit a girl i’m sure its gonna leave a mark, so im certain if eric devendorf did that she would have a bruise or bump of some kind. the appeals board said that eric did NOT hit her thats why the decision was shortened to community service. where did you get that quote? lets see some sources

    By michael on Mar 17, 2009

  19. f*ck all you hater

    By thomas on Mar 17, 2009

  20. f*ck all you haters

    By thomas on Mar 17, 2009

  21. have you seen a picture of devendorf? if he hit a woman i think there would be a MARK! wake up. i’m 5-11 175 and if i hit a girl i’m sure its gonna leave a mark, so im certain if eric devendorf did that she would have a bruise or bump of some kind. the appeals board said that eric did NOT hit her thats why the decision was shortened to community service. where did you get that quote? lets see some sources

    plus this all happened while he was in rehab and wearing a cast. you all need to stop believing everything you read and see.

    By thomas on Mar 17, 2009

  22. Wow you dipshits. Get some facts. The girl was a friggin liar. He did community service and was suspended for something he didn’t do.

    By Corey on Mar 17, 2009

  23. I’m a big fan of Syracuse. While I dislike his antics on the court, people are just going to accept the fact that that’s who he is on the court.

    Having tattoos is a bad thing? That’s ridiculous. His actions involved with that female student shouldn’t have happened, but he didn’t get away with it. He did community service, and that’s that.

    By the way, Phillips is obviously biased, so don’t listen to him.

    By Kevin on Mar 17, 2009

  24. I have nothing against Syracuse at all, so no, I’m not biased. I just think Devendorf is an awful representative of any university. I didn’t say having tattoos was a bad thing, just that his hideous ink is part of the whole WT package.

    By Phillips on Mar 17, 2009

  25. whoever said he wanted to play for a real team in syracuse instead of michigan state is an idiot. the spartans have reached the Final Four in four of the past nine seasons, more than any other team during that time. And they won the national championship in 2000.

    besides the one year carmelo single handedly won syracuse the championship, boeheim & co have done shit. most overrated program in the country

    By carmine on Mar 17, 2009

  26. witnesses said he didnt hit her? you mean students/teammates who dont want to see him get kicked off the team?

    i cant wait to check devos wikipedia page a few years from now and see how shitty his life has become. he is the definition white trash.

    By mark on Mar 17, 2009

  27. like many people have already pointed out – you guys are idiots. devo was never charged because the girl who CLAIMED she got hit was underage, drunk, driving, and had already slept with 2 other guys on the basketball team. she was looking for trouble and wound up being hated by the entire campus because she’s a dumb slut (maybe he SHOULD have hit her?)

    as for being the most overrated program in country… HA. YOU obviously don’t watch a lot of college basketball, carmine, or you’d know that jimmy b is one of the most famed coaches in the country LONG before carmelo

    By diane on Mar 17, 2009

  28. but why diane? why is he a famed coach? Because he always schedules weak teams then whines when Syracuse is on the bubble for the NCAA Tournament in years past? this is the first year since 2003 su is not on the bubble. congratufuckinglations. youre still going nowhere. carmelo made boeheims career. if it wasnt for him, he would have no ring. get a clue diane. if a coach with 0 championships in the first 25 years of his coaching career is famed, then what is coach k?

    boeheim has 0 accomplishments without his 1 year of carmelo. end of story

    By jay-co on Mar 17, 2009

  29. people people, lets get back to the topic of interest here.

    devendorf is a no-talent ass clown. syracuse fans can lie to themselves that hes not so bad. but lets be real for half a second. he is a disgusting human being that a mother couldnt even love. let him enjoy his 5 seconds of mediocracy. because in the end, he will have accomplished nothing, just like every single syracuse team since boeheim took over in the 70s (excluding carmelos 1 year of dominance)

    syracuse fans remind me of the new a-rod photos from details magazine. you just dont get it. no matter how pathetic you are, you still kiss yourselfs in the mirror and think youre great. even though none of you have won SHIT

    By carmine on Mar 17, 2009

  30. Son, you really are embarassing yourself here. might i remind you a little about jim boeheim:

    5 Big East Tourney championships (7 regular season championships)
    25 appearances in the NCAA tourney
    3 trips to the NCAA tourney championship
    797 wins to-date(3rd on all-time list behind coach and calhoun)
    Member of the basketball Hall of Fame

    not to mention he is assistant to the U.S. Olympic team and appeared in the movie Blue Chips. give the man a little credit, he’s a God.

    By carmine sr on Mar 17, 2009

  31. you kids dont know what youre talking about. time for big momma to clean up the mess

    Lenny Wilkens retired from the nba with 1,332 wins and 1,155 losses, both figures the most in NBA history.

    Cy young retired from mlb with 511 wins and 316 losses, both the most in mlb history.

    if you stick around long enough, any record is possible.

    assistant coach on a team that has lebron, kobe, and wade. wow, im sure he did alot there.

    if it wasnt from some drug dealin black dude from baltimore, boehim would have nothing

    notable nba players from su are pretty pathetic as well. melo is good, but he’s no mvp. who else ya got? derrick coleman? rony seikaly? exactly

    but you kids keep missing the main point. devo is trash. i understand school pride, but come on. if you are proud of the way he represents your school, then you all are nothing but a bunch of trashy inbred hillbillys. and anybody who wears the orange 23 is just as bad. i couldnt think of a worse role modle for my children

    By Big momma pam on Mar 17, 2009

  32. It’s not that there aren’t other assholes and douchebags playing college basketball. It’s that E.D. is an especially lame one. I’m sure he does good things too and isn’t constantly in violent altercations with women. It’s that his Whiskey Tango ass can’t seem to avoid them.

    By McD on Mar 17, 2009

  33. And people wonder why the ‘mainstream’ media doesn’t take bloggers seriously – uneducated, uninformed, un-researched posts like this that are based on pure emotion. Thanks for giving every blog a bad name.

    By teddy on Mar 17, 2009

  34. Since when does pushing a hammered drunk lying bitch away from after she tried to assault you = “punching a female student in the face” Do some goddamn research and learn about the legal system before you put this shit on the internet.

    By devoisgod23 on Mar 17, 2009

  35. and big momma pain. you can call us up on the hill whatever you like. but were damn proud of our team and eric. and no unimformed old ass woman rambling on the internet is gonna change that. go cheer for your pretty boys from duke or where ever your from. Eric is a gritty tenacious player and represents the spirit of the school. He is not a woman beater. however he is a loyal teamate, a hell of a basketball player, and one of the nicer student athletes i have ever met.

    By devoisgod23 on Mar 17, 2009

  36. Wow MJenks, way to miss the point entirely. I guess that’s what you get from a crappy midwestern state school education. Enjoy Arby’s.

    By Kotite4Ever on Mar 17, 2009

  37. I’ll illuminate it for you further – you mentioned “respecting” Boeheim, and how you don’t. I said that I didn’t respect Bobby Knight. How are those different things? The reasons are different, but the lack of respect is not. You don’t respect Boeheim because he has a guy of questionable character on his team, I don’t respect Bobby Knight because he’s an asshole.

    That’s the unifying issue I was addressing. Respect.

    For the record, Devendorf doesn’t “beat women.” It’s been pretty well established that he simply didn’t do that, both legally and in stone cold reality. You shouldn’t go talking out of your ass on things about which you know nothing.

    Now, like you admit that Knight is an asshole, I’ll admit that Devendorf is a punk, and a piece of shit, and a showboating “me first” tatted up, preening douchebag at times. If he played for UConn, I’d hate him too.

    Sorry about the swipe at the state school line. You just pissed me off when you ragged on the Syracuse education.

    By Kotite4Ever on Mar 17, 2009

  38. awesome yellow journalism (SARCASM!)

    MJENKS: get your facts straight and go find someone else to pick on



    PS the real punk is #23 on the Cardinals that flipped Kristoff onto his head

    “CUSE thuggish”?


    they need more thugs to take care of all the cheap BS that Pitt, UCONN, Georgetown and UL dish out


    By THEREALMUNDY on Mar 17, 2009

  39. Just for the record, Boeheim has played MSU 3 times. He won 2 out of 3. Scoreboard.

    By sampsie on Mar 17, 2009

  40. Wow. And people wonder why everyone in the midwest thinks everyone on the east coast is an asshole. It’s because they are.

    Also, call me when ‘Cuse schedules a non-conference game out of the state of New York. Pansies.

    By Hick Flick on Mar 17, 2009

  41. What’s your number… Florida, Kansas, Memphis this year.

    By sampsie on Mar 17, 2009

  42. And people wonder why everone in the rest of the world think people from the midwest are morons.

    By sampsie on Mar 17, 2009

  43. You guys that host this website are seriously racist. Additionally you really have no idea about college basketball. MSU? LOL, weak conference.

    By thissiteisracist on Mar 17, 2009

  44. The guys on this site never said anything about Michigan State.

    And now we’re racists?

    By Phillips on Mar 17, 2009

  45. I thank you IU for getting rid of Bobby Knight. Unfortunately there are some around the country with pea sized brains that think he was the greatest thing ever. But the ironic thing is those same ingrates think a single Syracuse player is garbage. I think it may be jealously. Nice job with the subjective view guys. BRAVO!!!

    By onbehalfofIU on Mar 17, 2009

  46. He did NOT hit her. BTW, It was a kangaroo court that chose to suspend him (by students) this isn’t the norm in most universities. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.

    By okphillips on Mar 17, 2009

  47. I like how not literally punching a woman in the face is the cut-off for ‘Cuse fan.

    That’s the point. Devendorf wouldn’t get to be nearly this big an asshole in college unless he was A) a pot dealer or B) a scholarship athlete. Can you seriously imagine him pulling any of this shit if he just played IM ball with his fraternity? It’s the very height of douchebaggery.

    And besides, does ‘Cuse fan seriously want to be like Duke fan when Redick was there? Think it through, fellas. Will they even give a shit about Eric Devendorf when he’s backing up in the Turkish league next year? Of course not.

    By McD on Mar 18, 2009

  48. What a loser this Phillips punk is. Hating on a college basketball player. For what?

    A crime the DA says was never committed? That girl said never happened?

    For tattoos? Must hate a lot of players, like LeBron and co.

    The rest of your stuff is even worse grade school nonsense.

    Reeeeeal smart chump.

    The kid is a good ball player, a hard worker, a good teammate, and unlike a majority of premier D1 hoopsters will graduate on time.

    This Phillips character is a first rate d bag. If anyone deserves to be punched in the face it is this Phillips punk.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  49. The fact that Devo didn’t leave a mark on her just proves what an incredible pussy he is.

    And, thanks, Kotite, I think I will enjoy Arby’s, but only when I’m really hungry (it’s a Simpsons reference…I don’t except plebes like you to get it).

    The Awesome whatever the fuck you call yourself: Hmmm…seems like I got my facts straight. I’ll pick on whomever I see fit. The kid’s a douche, has a record and is a terrible representative of a school that I had, at one point, respected. Thanks to Devo and you troll fans, clearly I see that you’re just the Ohio State of the northeast, except, you know, with less sports ability.

    The point that I was making is that Devo is the embodiment of all that is wrong with college athletics. Suspending him for a couple of games against schools that are barely D1 is on the same order as Miami suspending all those players on its football team for the game against Duke a couple of years ago…it’s a fucking joke.

    And, just so I’m not playing the holier than thou card, I still think MacAlarney should never have been allowed back on the campus at Notre Dame. Same with Will Yeatman, but at least Yeatman was shown the door after his second arrest. And my football coach is fat and my basketball coach can’t dress for shit. Does that cover all of the insults up front?

    By MJenks on Mar 18, 2009

  50. I swear to God I’m not ncCuse93.

    By McD on Mar 18, 2009

  51. devo is a douche. all the ‘cuse folks will come out and lay down for this piece of garbage. typical ‘cuse. player gets in trouble, boeheim flexes his small town muscles to get him out. the whole place is as dirty as it comes.

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  52. Oh and look at UCON’s rap sheet. I don’t hear anybody complaining about them.

    You’d think Devendorf was the second coming of Al Iverson and had actually been guilty of a crime or something.

    Pick your school and google such such a univ. player arrested and just about any school there is is going to come back with hits.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  53. see – it is ok devo beats women – other people at other place shave gotten in trouble too! here comes the thought out cuse response….

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  54. Devo beat who? Come with some facts or don’t come at all. Devo didn’t beat anyone. It was a verbal altercation.

    Syracuse is probably one of the cleaner programs. A lot of players don’t even have cars. Look at Duke …. where’d those kids get all those luxury autos?

    College basketball isn’t clean, but I’d stack Su up against any of the big programs. Stack us up against Minnesota or Indiana. Stack us up against Michigan.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  55. you know the facts. you just don;t want to know them. it is called willful ignorance, or delusion. he open hand slapped the girl, aka, beat her. the guy is a straight dirtbag.

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  56. Blockin,

    Just cause that is how your dad beat your mom doesn’t mean Devo is quilty of the same thing. Seek help dude.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  57. MJenks,

    Does that cover all of the insults up front? No you missed one. Harangody is a cross eyed retard.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  58. Unless you’re from Syracuse, it’s unlikely that you know (or have a reason to know) who Bill Fitzpatrick is, but he’s the DA of Onondaga County. And he has a reputation for landing on criminals with both feet and then kicking their asses all the way to jail.

    And guess what? He declined to prosecute Eric Devendorf. There’s a reason for that. It’s because there was no case and the reason that there was no case is because Eric did not punch the girl.

    But have it your way if you so thoroughly enjoy despising Devendorf. Nothing quite like being convicted in the court of public opinion.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  59. You so called journalists who run this blog might actually want to do your homework before defaming someone on the internet. In truth, Devo was found by the judiciary board not to have struck the woman in question who actually instigated the situation. Secondly, your sterotyping him a punk because he wears tatoos is way off base. Have you not noticed that 90% of NBA players are covered in body art? I don’t hear you calling out all these guys. Is it because Devo is a white guy wearing tatoos which bothers you???

    One last thing……
    LETS GO ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By JFlyer on Mar 18, 2009

  60. Whats with all the damn haters. The kid is a quality baller and the community supports him. He may be a little rough around the edges but he is far from a woman beater hahaha. So why do ya’ll care so much? Get over yourselves and focus more on cheering for your team than hatin on someone elses. If you dont like the cuse fine no one gives a shit. Its the damn tournament you owuld think some of you guys would have more important things to do. And having gone to school with the kid. Dont be so quick to judge others. You dont like his style on the court fine but do not talk shit about him off the court when you just dont know what your talking about. it makes a lot of you sound very ignorant.

    By devoisgod23 on Mar 18, 2009

  61. PS — He’s all nails, too, the most clutch player on the team. And if you’d ever take the time to notice anything beyond him jawing at whoever he just scored on, you’d notice him helping opponents off the floor and giving them the ‘atta boy’ pat on the butt after good plays.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  62. my dad beat my mom? how quaint. maybe that is the status quo in cuse. usually that is the case with backwater towns like that. high rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic abuse. makes sense why devo ended up there – he is at least 2/3. the D in the NBA D-League will stand for domestic abuse once chinstrap arrives.

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  63. There you go, blockin. If your case against a player is weak, be sure to insult the town that supports him. Excellent. Outstanding debating technique.

    Try a course in symbolic logic. You’ll profit from it although it will ruin your current debating style.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  64. Oh and for those that think Fitz wouldn’t prosecute an SU hoops players you are wrong. He prosecuted DeShaun Williams in 2002 for of all things punching a girl in the face during a minor melee at a bar.

    DeShaun was strongly urged to transfer and he did. He was our second leading scorer and would have been our leading returning scorer and starting shooting guard in ’03.

    Funny trial. Williams fell asleep during testimony. He was found innocent of the charge by the jury after his lawyer cross examined an SU football player was with the girl that was hit.

    In a OJ-esque bit of cross examining it was found that yes, the football player saw Williams hand cocked back as if to throw a punch, and he a moment later saw the girl had been punched in the face. But he never saw Williams hand hit the face.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  65. DCOrange, i was merely responding to the insult hurled by your pal, cuse93. am i wrong, though, that alcohol, drug and domestic abuse are higher in small, rural towns? hardly…

    but it gave you a nice opportunity to drop in your little symbolic logic bit. must have puffed you up something proud.

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  66. Blockin, I was being serious. One semester of symbolic logic and — assuming that you understand it, and I’m not suggesting that you wouldn’t — you’ll never resort to tit-for-tat insult swapping again.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  67. DCOrange – ‘assuming you would understand it’
    Big fail for you. it is OK. no one expects cuse alum to do much outside of sports broadcasting.

    and none of this changes the fact that you guys will go to the mattress for a guy who hits women. would love to see your reaction had the guy gone to uconn instead. methinks your tone would be somewhat different. of course, he can shoot, so hitting women is OK. *yawn*. next?

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  68. And, blockin, you didn’t refer to Syracuse as a small, rural town (which it only more or less is; it’s a small regional center — nothing more, nothing less — cut out of the woods and dairy farms of beautiful (in my view) Central New York). You called it a backwater town. There’s a difference, and we both know it.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  69. Sigh. He didn’t hit her, blockin. If he’d hit her, he’d have been prosecuted.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  70. i have been there. it is a backwater town, as well as small and rural.

    he didn’t hit her, huh? sure he didn’t. got any more koolaid?

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  71. try beating L’ville and not women, you will find it is more satisfying and rewarding in the long run.

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  72. I take it all back. The hell with honest discussion. You’ve got the right attitude and I was just too slow to get on the train.

    Fuck you, you simple fucking pap smear.

    Yeah, that’s better.

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  73. what happened to your symbolic logic? isn’t an ad hominem attack outside of that, buddy? that was easier then expected. what a joke you are…

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  74. Hey Dan, (one of the first posters). You’re a fucking idiot. If he wasn’t a basketball player this wouldn’t a big deal at all. It would have boiled down to college kids being college kids. Only reason they tried to get him is becuase he balls. Your arguement is stupid

    By lol... on Mar 18, 2009

  75. My bad, not Dan. I meant McD

    By lol... on Mar 18, 2009

  76. I tell ya’ll what…The Cuse must be a pretty solid place to live if all these guys are taking all this time and energy out of their days to talk about it. So thanks! Sorry were not a bunch of pretty boy rich dudes. And to all ya’ll from the Cuse these clowns are showing us why we are so proud to call it home! Lets Go Orange!

    By devoisgod23 on Mar 18, 2009

  77. Blockin is just your typical garden variety troll … if you say the sky is blue, he’ll look up at the blue sky and say its red.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  78. …and when he see’s a woman beater, he will say, there’s a woman beater…..

    By blockin on Mar 18, 2009

  79. It’s not “because he has tattoos” that we don’t like him. It’s the culmination of ALL the things Phillips listed. Come on.

    By McD on Mar 18, 2009

  80. i think jay bilas put it well when he said

    “devendorf keeps both teams in the game”

    su obviously doesnt care about their reputation. they prefer to just live in their small little mountain town where all the townies tell themselves that they are good. devo isnt gonna win syracuse anything. he is an obnoxious player who screams fuck you everytime one of his prayers of a 3 pointer go in. a repectable university that cared about character would have thrown him off of the team a long time ago.

    and nobody pushed Kristoff onto his head. white boy just doesnt know how to dunk.

    subtract 2003 when melo did everything, and syracuse basketball is an over-hyped, underachieving program. besides a few pointless big east title, boeheim has won nothing without him. i call them pointless not because they arent something to be proud of, but because nobody remebers conference championship, and once the big dance starts, nobody cares. so congrats on winning a new piece of fabric to hang in the dome. its a perfect place for it too. because the 15,000 morons who think it is something to brag about will be the only ones to see it

    By Big momma pam on Mar 18, 2009

  81. LOL! Big Momma, lets get a few things straight.

    Syracuse isn’t in the mountains.

    Low turnout for SU is about 18,000 a game. Average is somewhere in the 20’s. When big teams come play we routinely pack in over 32,000. Plus we play ESPN various networkds 8 or 9 times a year.

    Add to this that Jimmy B is a Hall of Famer, 3rd among active coaches in wins, all time winningest coach in the toughest league in college hoops, has been to the National Championship game 3 times, won it once, and has as many 20 wins season as Dean Smith (tied for second on that list.

    Last year ESPN ranked us 8th or 9th on their list of best programs over the last 30 years, we are number 7 or 8 on the all time wins list.

    In the end 26 NCAA appearances, 13 Sweet Sixteens, 4 Elite 8’s and 3 Final Fours in 33 season isn’t all that bad is it? If you think it is then you are a total homer.

    Hows your team stack up?

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  82. To think this whole thread started because Phillips has some homo crush on Devendorf.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  83. Wow people call Devendorf classless yet they sit there yelling “you hit women” at every road game and they don’t even know the real story. They just go by what they hear from idiot writers on Yahoo! and idiots writers like Phillips.

    The woman was proven to be a liar and changed her story a few times. If anything she should’ve been the one arrested for being drunk and hitting people with her car and coming out and getting in people’s faces. He simply pushed her away, and she called it a “punch.” Women lie like that all the time. And she was able to keep her story straight so he wasn’t charged.

    And LOL at people who keep quoting ESPN who says we don’t play a tough non-conference schedule. UH NEWSFLASH MORONS: Syracuse has played a top 10 non-conference schedule the last 2 years. And “we don’t leave the state of NY.” HAHAHA what do you call beating Kansas and Florida in Kansas City and Memphis in Memphis???? Yeah that’s right, you clowns just know nothing about sports.

    By SUOrangefan4 on Mar 18, 2009

  84. the only semi-useful part of this ‘blog’ is the link to the ‘Cuse/UConn highlights. I like Devo – he doesn’t necessarily deserve to be defended (nor does he ask to) but he is far more worthy to represent a college institution on the basketball court than the author of this paltry excuse for an article to represent anything via the written word.

    By youngknockoutkid on Mar 18, 2009

  85. you guys are racist.

    By Eric on Mar 18, 2009

  86. Wow this POS website got a lot of hits thanks to cuse fans. The sun shines on a dogs hiney every once in a while.

    By tinytim on Mar 18, 2009

  87. nccuse…

    correction, and a happy one, too. JB passed Smith on the 20-wins list, and SU is the 5th winningest program in NCAA history. Not so bad, eh?

    By DCOrange on Mar 18, 2009

  88. Devo is a piece of shit. i would hate him if he didnt play for SU.

    now about all this talk about syracuse bball program? foolishness. one of the top programs in the country as many people have already stated.

    bobby knight choked his own players. classy

    syracuse, the city in the moutains. ok youre very educated i can tell. i cant believe how many cuse haters there are here. who is your team?

    By cusefanjosh on Mar 18, 2009

  89. Didn’t Bobby Knight also throw stuff at admins or receptionists? Stuff like potted plants?

    Or is that someone else I am thinking of?

    I know he threw a chair at someone.

    By ncCUSE93 on Mar 18, 2009

  90. Hey does anyone know where i can find a picture of this girl online that devendorf hit?

    By kamran on Mar 18, 2009

  91. MSU, You are definately right if you believe in fairy tales. Knight is the worst coach to compare JB too, Knight’s anger is legendary, Bobby Knight is a drunk and a slob, just look at his red nose and puffy face and bear gut. My god man, use your head. Jb is not only a better coach than Knight but a 10 times better man.

    By richard on Mar 18, 2009

  92. boehim cant finish that job without the drug dealin one year wonder from baltimore!!!

    hes had a bunch of ncaa tournament apperances. congradufuckinglations.

    u guys dont win. youre competitive, but you dont win. numbers dont lie.

    you guys cant finish. unlike your father who finished in my ass last night LOLZLOLZLOLZZZZ

    By Big momma pam on Mar 18, 2009

  93. wow this is so wonderful, so many jealous of the great SU basketball program and Hall Of Fame coach JB, I guess 4 final 4’s, 5 BE championships don’t count, and as far as punk players go perhaps you should look around the country and see that the culture of bb has changed, yes we have many punks now but why don’t you bash the black ones too? perhaps your scared one of them will come punch you out, wish devo would, take care all you white trash!

    By richard on Mar 18, 2009

  94. hey fat big mama, what’s your problem, no men in your life, try being a nice fat lady instead of a angry fat lady, might get you a date with one of these loosers here, you know, the ones that are so jealous of SU and JB, or maybe you could cut down on your beer and hamburgs and chips, you know the meal of the looser that you are

    By richard on Mar 18, 2009

  95. The internet is a wonderful tool for fans, bloggers, and journalists to share analysis and opinions about sports, teams, and players.
    The downside is, some individuals choose to use this as a platform for racism, slander, and ignorance. These are dullards are the lowest form of man kind.







    Shame on you.

    By Oli on Mar 18, 2009

  96. I still don’t get how we’re racist. Someone enlighten me please.

    By Phillips on Mar 18, 2009

  97. Sampsie: The rest of the world, really? Have you been to other parts of the world? The majority of the world’s population outside the U.S. couldn’t even tell you what the midwest or any specific area of the United States is, let alone be able to tell you that people from the midwest are morons.

    By AK-47 on Mar 18, 2009

  98. AK-47: Nice name. Thanks for proving my point. I was an Interior Communications Electrician in the Navy. I’ve been all around the world, people love the US regardless of what the bias main stream media may report, and they are aware of specific regions. By the way, did you read the post from the dillhole Hick Lick that I was responding to? Another nice name. Never mind, you are all geniuses.

    By sampsie on Mar 18, 2009

  99. if you actually did your homework and took time to read the girl’s testimony, you’ll find she contradicted herself. in the police report to the cops, she said she got out of her car because “she recognized Devendorf.” in the judicial hearing at the university, she said she got out of her car “not because she recognized Devendorf, but she recognized others in the group he was with.”

    regardless of what really happened (which is anyone’s guess), i don’t buy Ms. Smith’s accusations at all. if you can’t keep your story straight, why should anyone believe you? what do you think would happen to an accused rape victim who kept changing her story? it reeks of Duke lax all over again

    By Ken on Mar 18, 2009

  100. I was born and raised in Syracuse. And I am a Syracuse sports fan from the bottom of my heart. I can speak for a lot of people who are just like me. The bottom line is you work with the hand you are dealt. I didn’t pick devendorf, but I am glad some one did becuase he is a great basketball player and he puts points on the board. Unfortunetly he carries himself like a punk, no one can deny that. As far as the whole hitting the girl thing, it’s all pointless hollywood type gossip garbage anyway. In no way does it relate to Syracuse as a University or as a City. Thank you to all that continue to hate on Devendorf and on Syracuse because that is the type of attitude that builds my pride. You have to be here to feel it. Syracuse has the best and most loyal fans than any other team.

    By Cuseno1 on Mar 19, 2009

  101. Sampsie: Thank you. I was never questioning whether or not people from other parts of the world liked the U.S. Where the hell did you get that in my comment? Please, do tell.
    And also, do you they teach you how to fucking read in the Navy?

    And even if ‘some’ of the people in the ‘rest of the world’ do know about specific regions, what about that says that they think people from the midwest are morons?

    By AK-47 on Mar 19, 2009

  102. nobody is jealous of syracuse or your 1 championship in 25 years. everybody is just tired of the city and its fans thinking they are better than the rest. youre not duke and youre not unc. you are a competitive basketball program thats in recent years only gets by on reputation. nobody cares if you made the final four in 1995 if you didnt win. nobody cares if you won the big east torunament only to lose in the first round of the ncaa

    devo and the rest of the underachieving orange havent accomplished anything and will be NBDL bench warmers 3 years from now.

    hows your boy jerry mac doing lately? oh yeah, sitting at home like a loser, just like everyother player every to wear the jersey. that clown couldnt even make it in greece!!!

    By Big momma pam on Mar 20, 2009

  103. without the one year carmelo single handedly did it all, su basketball has accomplished nothing. a hall of fame coach my ass. talk to me when you get more tha 1 ring EVER

    By Big momma pam on Mar 20, 2009

  104. Devendorf is the truth

    By devoisgod23 on Mar 22, 2009

  105. AK-47: I told you people love the US to give evidance that that they know what’s going on here. No, they don’t teach you how to read in the Navy, it’s mostly how to brush your teeth, take a piss, and fold your clothes. I also learned electricty and electronics(thanks for asking).

    As far as people in the midwest being morons, I was clearly responding to a previous post. I was laying the sarcasim on pretty thick, but I guess you didn’t get that. I retract my statment that you are all geniuses, it’s just you.

    By Sampsie on Mar 22, 2009

  106. You are probably a female whoever wrote this whole article. Hate because you’re jealous. It’s pretty funny.

    By elcamel1216 on Mar 23, 2009

  107. hate because youre jealous? of what? yout over-hyped, under achieveing basketball program?

    how you think you are in the same class as duke, kansas, unc, florida?

    let me remind you and every other onboxious syracuse fan out there. YOU GUYS DONT WIN SHIT. you won the championship once by a player who used you guys because all he wanted was NBA money. other than that, your program has accomplished nothing. boeheim being a hall of famer is a joke. the guy is as average as they come. yes, he won a few big east titles. but in the 25 years of coaching, he should have more. and the past few years youve been in and out of the NIT.

    you call yourself great when 4 out of the last 5 years youve been a bubble team to even make the torunament!!!

    By Big momma pam on Mar 23, 2009

  108. now look here, there isn’t any need for you to get on here claiming devendorf to be white trash.
    i can guarantee any DI player is the farthest thing from white trash. Deefy is a great player, a great shooter, an emotional athlete, and he lets his woman know when enough is enough.
    there isn’t anything wrong with deefy, i just believe a fruitcake wrote this article.

    By birchfield on Mar 23, 2009

  109. Sampsie: How does people loving the U.S. give any evidence (notice the correct spelling) that people from other parts of the world know about how certain people from certain regions are viewed by other people of other parts of the U.S.?
    And yeah, I understood your sarcasm. But it was ridiculously overdone by saying “the rest of the world” when that just makes you sound like an idiot.
    But this is all way off the topic, which is basically that Eric Devendorf is a piece of shit. And sorry, but it’s true.
    And for all you that are calling this site racist – grow up.

    By AK-47 on Mar 23, 2009

  110. All of you people are fucking retards. cleary none of you know or have even come into contact with eric. i hope you all fucking die and rot in hell for wrting this article or even commetned on it.

    By bigstu on Mar 25, 2009

  111. Has anyone seen how he acts in public? I am from Cuse and have seen him drunk in public acting like a good guy, and this was even before he had a child, that event changes most people for the good. So when you all call him a punk and have never meet him you need to shut the fuck up cause you don’t know how he acts off the court. If i was nearly as talented as him i would talk just like him, for some people that helps them to always stay confident in their abilities. So until he treats you like shit get off his back.

    By Cuse Fan on Mar 26, 2009


    By Cuse Fan on Mar 26, 2009

  113. ill piss in his eyes and shit in his mouth

    By apy on Dec 14, 2009

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