Another Fake Controversy!

March 23, 2009 – 7:05 pm by McD

Head coaches in the Italian Serie A are up in arms over Internazionale manager Jose Mourinho’s recent comments as to who, exactly, is choosing the lineups for much of his oppostion in the league. Here is what he said:

“When I mentioned coaches that lose their own dignity, what I wanted to state is that while I choose the team that goes out on the pitch, other coaches don’t do that, and in the world of football it’s full of them”

Apparently, the other Italian coaches found out that comment was directed at them and are like totally pissed, you guys. O-M-G.

The president of the Italian Football Coaches Association said Mourinho “has gone too far.” Another coach said he “shows a lack of respect.”

A sports blogger is quoted as saying “This is the stupidest fucking controversy ever, but what can you expect from club soccer?” I later retracted my statement and apologized to the families and people involved in Jay Cutler’s spat with the Denver Broncos which is, in fact, the stupidest fucking controversy ever.

Speaking of the NFL, this wouldn’t be a controversy even in that league that’s overrun with people looking for any little edge in motivation. And even if, say, Mike Tomlin had said NFL coaches often have their lineups chosen for them by their GM’s, Chris Berman and company would have a hard time finding enough fake outrage to truly make this a story. I bet Skip Bayless could sell it, though.

The fact that this is an issue at all is a credit to how well Mourinho has done at Inter. Only some one that successful would have a chance to be as outspoken as he is. If Inter were at the bottom of the table, no one would care.

So here’s to you, Serie A. You have some of the best players in the world, but you wasted 15 minutes of my time today, and I’m not getting that shit back.

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