The Nail In The Coffin

February 24, 2009 – 6:43 pm by McD

OK, OK, Phillips and I may have written about this subject a few dozen times this offseason, but hey it beats exercising. Our anger has been worked out and now we’re (kind of) in the process of moving on. I’ve taken up Premier League Soccer Football again while Phillips…well, I don’t know what Phillips is doing instead of following the Padres.

The above picture is the full-page ad Trevor Hoffman took out in the San Diego Union-Tribune the other day. The basic gist of it is he’s a classy bastard and is showing a ton of respect to the fans who supported him during his Hall of Fame tenure with the club. He’s a guy that has every right to blast the organization for bailing on him for no reason, but he didn’t. Instead he said this:

“I appreciated the forum to say my piece, but it’s time to not talk about it anymore,” Hoffman says. “I know where I stand, but nobody wants to keep hearing me whine about that crap. You know what I mean? The Padres have gone in a different direction.”

Such a classy quote. Don’t worry, Trevor, Phillips and I have got your back. You can stay above the fray while we order a hundred pizzas to the team’s front office and light 500 bags of dog shit on fire on their front steps. And if that doesn’t work, we’re in training so we can do this:

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  1. 4 Responses to “The Nail In The Coffin”

  2. Now I feel guilty for chanting “Heath Bell for Closer” at so many games last year.

    By Red on Feb 24, 2009

  3. You and Phillips need to come to MKE to visit Trevor. You can even wear your Padres gear if it will make you feel better.

    By Booter on Feb 25, 2009

  4. I grew up a Cubs fan. I’m still a Cubs fan, as much as it makes me sick to my stomach to admit it.

    I’ve always liked Trevor Hoffman and thought he was a class act. This just proves it.

    By MJenks on Feb 25, 2009

  5. I will absolutely wear my “Hoffman #51” t-shirt/jersey to Miller Park.

    By McD on Feb 25, 2009

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