The Hoosiers Might Go Down, But They Will Do So Swinging

February 10, 2009 – 12:12 am by admin

We missed this Sunday night and into Monday, but Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean suspended his top scorer, Devan Dumes, on Sunday after the flurry of elbows Dumes threw in Saturday’s game at Michigan State. The suspension is for an indefinite number of games.

For the record, Dumes has since apologized and it appears he’s on the way to getting over his penchant for cheap shots, but he’ll have to do so without playing for awhile.

Above you can see the video of the elbow that got Dumes run from the game with two minutes left.

Keep in mind this came after Dumes drew an offensive foul for elbowing Travis Walton in the first half and very clearly and very deliberately elbowed Goran Suton in what we’ll rather diplomatically call the “man region” later in the game.

No foul was assessed on the Suton play.

And this comes after Big Ten officials called up Crean after a Jan. 28 game against Northwestern telling him to warn Dumes about throwing bows.

Well, hey, at least he’s not getting thrown off the team for smoking pot, eh?

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  2. Where’s a clip of the elbow to the balls? I’ve been looking around and can’t find any footage.

    By Pablo on Feb 10, 2009

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