Miranda Kerr Pictures: Happy President’s Day!

February 16, 2009 – 7:38 am by Ryan Phillips

Well, it’s President’s Day and you know what that means…no really, we’re asking, what does it mean? We’re clueless. We have a day in this country celebrating the fact that we have presidents. So this is basically federal-pat-yourself-on-the-back-for-being-a-Democracy day?

Of course, we’re kidding. We know that this is a day set aside to celebrate the birthday’s of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Actually, it’s really just to celebrate Washington’s but someone thought it would be a good idea to paste Lincoln’s name on to the holiday a while back. So it’s a federal holiday, and we’re gonna go out on a limb and say you’re not spending the day at the library reading about these two amazing men and what they meant to our country. With that in mind – and the fact that I haven’t had any female-related posts on the site lately – I figured I’d throw up my tribute to our wonderful presidents.

Miranda Kerr is one of our favorites around here (for obvious reasons) and putting a group of her pictures up is really prescient today. You see, had Lincoln never freed the slaves – or, er, what I mean to say is, because Washington used federal power to put down The Whiskey Rebellion – uh, I swear I had a point with this but then I got to looking at Ms. Kerr’s pictures and forgot it. You see the power she has? If she were president, we wouldn’t need a stimulus package! Am I right fellas? Eh? Eh?

OK, I’m just going to stop typing now.

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  2. offfffffffff too hot
    love itttttt nice one dud

    By ashim on Jun 1, 2009

  3. keep it up MANDIRA

    By ashim on Jun 1, 2009

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