Kevin Costner Has an Economic Stimulus Package for Zion, Ill.

February 4, 2009 – 1:09 am by admin

Leave it to Kevin Costner to bring the people of Lake County, Ill., a little bit of good news in these economically troubled times.

Mr. Costner is about to create some jobs. How? Well, let me tell you: He’s the “primary owner” of a minor league baseball team that’s going to start playing in Zion, Ill., in 2010 and the little organization is going to create something like 300 jobs.

Isn’t that nice, Lake County gets its only professional sports team and people get jobs. Take that, President Obama.

Clearly the future fans of this franchise have a lot to look forward to if they like mediocre, most likely independent league baseball.

Oh, and the fans get to choose the name of the team in some type of contest. Perhaps there will be an online vote or some such thing.

Here’s a few ideas: Wombats, Chupacabras or the Yetis.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Kevin Costner Has an Economic Stimulus Package for Zion, Ill.”

  2. This is a horrible idea. The site is in the middle of nowhere- it is closer to Wisconsin than any town in Lake County. And it is directly across the street from a giant landfill so it will stink, just ask the neighbors who have been complaining about the stink for years.

    By BKM on Feb 7, 2009

  3. This new franchise is a wonderfeul addition to Lake County. To say it is “mediocre baseball” tells me this blogger has never been to an Independant League game. It is terrific baseball. People who are so negative on innovations like this are generally people who contribute nothing but are better at just sitting back and criticizing. This will be just one more fun thing to do in the summer in Lake County. This is only a good thing. PAS

    By Pat Salvi on Feb 8, 2009

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