25 Random Things About Us…

February 9, 2009 – 9:10 am by Ryan Phillips

The Facebook phenomenon know known simply as “25 Things” has blown up and gotten out of control the last few weeks. Though all most of us have abstained from jumping on that bandwagon of “Look at me, I’m special” lameness, we decided it was probably time to give in. So the following are 25 Random Things About us here at Rumors and Rants. Enjoy.

1. One of us once peed next to Ernie Banks. He said “It’s a beautiful day for baseball!” Usually we’re apprehensive about being talked to at a urinal, but this was an exception.

2. One of us hasn’t informed his mother that this blog exists.

3. This site is no longer a front for the CIA. We’re now a front for [name redacted].

4. One of us actually turned down an autograph from Digger Phelps when he was a kid.

5. People have told us we look like: Rick Moranis, a stocky Billy Zabka, Noah Wyle, a skinny Vincent D’Onfrio and Vincent Chase (though frankly, I don’t see it).

6. We’re actually less popular than our tribute blog.

7. We’ve only been in love twice.

8. One of us really wishes he had Michael Phelps’ lung capacity. And not for swimming.

9. Former Indiana University basketball player Bracey Wright called one of us and left a message saying we needed to “Shut the fuck up” back when we were at IU. Now he’s in Spain. Hey Bracey, if you’re reading this, get back to the register, the customers need their fries.

10. Our average college GPA would make a Hall of Fame Earned Run Average. Hell, one of us had an average BAC higher than his GPA while at USC an institute of higher learning.

11. We’re 20 percent Jewish.

12. We’d totally be soccer hooligans if we could afford to be.

13. We’re bloggers today because of the suggestion of an ex-girlfriend.

14. We couldn’t live without our iPhones, like O-M-G!

15. Miranda Kerr totally wants us.

16. We think this was the greatest newspaper headline ever.

17. One of us prefers to go commando. Good luck figuring out who.

18. A majority of us have full time jobs and don’t live with our parents.

19. None of us Most of us Some of us have never been arrested.

20. One of us has an unhealthy obsession with Kenny Florian.

21. We’re independent, but given the chance we’d probably sell out in a second.

22. Despite allegations, this blog has never been charged with any war crimes.

23. If we were a band, we’d be Boston.

24. According to Site Meter, this site was once visited by someone from the House of Representatives. Hey assholes, get back to work.

25. We think lists are cheap ways to get people to pay attention to you.

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  1. 5 Responses to “25 Random Things About Us…”

  2. You’re a front for The Fighting Illini?

    Buenos dias, Bracey.

    By MJenks on Feb 9, 2009

  3. Miranda Kerr totally wants me, too. Get in line, fellas.

    By Red on Feb 9, 2009

  4. I did not see the Boston line coming. I’m still laughing. Awesome.

    Also, Bracey is actually on the same team as Ricky Rubio, so at least he’s got that going for him. And over there they’re called papas fritas.

    And finally, I can live without my iPhone, since my phone is one model removed from Zack Morris’ phone.

    By Hick Flick on Feb 9, 2009


    By McD on Feb 9, 2009

  6. I mean “More Than A Feeling” is the default ringer on my phone for a reason.

    By TheBaker on Feb 9, 2009

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