Yes We May

January 20, 2009 – 3:54 am by Hickey

Today, we will witness something that many Americans never thought they’d live to see: a Chicago White Sox fan taking the Oath of Office.

White Sox fans have traditionally lived many places. Several live in “the big house” — and I don’t mean Michigan Stadium. Others, in “mobile homes.” And some Sox fans, why, they don’t have homes at all, unless freight cars count.

So let there be no doubt about it. When people say that this is a historic day, there is no hyperbole involved. A White Sox fan in the White House. Who’d have thunk it?

Oh, it also turns out that Mr. Obama is of African-American descent. This is kind of a big deal, since as the name “White House” implies, it has only been inhabited by white people.

Which got me to thinking: now that we have a black president, what racial barriers are left for us to overcome as a nation? (This is tongue-in-cheek people, please don’t start rattling off lists.)

Certainly, there is room to grow in some areas, like the number of black head coaches in college football. But even Yale has addressed that issue, so clearly progress is being made in that department. (Plus, Auburn’s hiring of Gene Chizik over Turner Gill or anyone remotely competent wasn’t an insult to blacks, it was an insult to everyone of every race who has a brain, including the majority of Tiger fans.)

Even the whitest sport in North America, hockey, has a star black player in Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames.

So, it would appear that there is but one area left in sports where racial barriers have yet to be forcibly shattered. That’s right, I’m talking about placekickers. If the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition isn’t going to pick up this banner, then let us at Rumors and Rants do the work.

A quick look around the NFL has determined that every single kicker is white. A look at NCAA Division I-A rosters would give you essentially the same result. The lone exception, as far as my research can tell, is Maryland kicker Obi Egekeze. And he was a senior this year, so unless he makes it to the NFL, it appears there might not be anyone to fill his shoes.

In fact, outside of former Buccaneers great Donald Igwebuike (in those days it didn’t take much to be a Bucs great), I don’t recollect there ever being another black kicker in the NFL.

Will we see this lily-white position become more diverse over the course of our lifetimes?

Yes, we may. After all, anything is possible.

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  1. 7 Responses to “Yes We May”

  2. Althouh a punter, who could forget Reggie Roby?

    By Booter on Jan 20, 2009

  3. Funny “rant.” It is interesting, even historically black colleges have white place kickers.

    By Chris on Jan 20, 2009

  4. We have had a Hispanic kicker, former 49er, Cowboy, and Eagle Jose Cortez.

    Justin Medlock was drafted by the Chiefs in 2007, but he didn’t make it in the NFL. There was another black kicker a few years ago but I forget his name.

    As for punters, there was also Reggie Hodges, the former Eagle and Ram.

    By Nick on Jan 20, 2009

  5. I’m willing to forgive the fact that he is a Sox fan for the fact he’s a Bears fan. And hey, I live in a “mobile home” now and like the Cubs. Although, I won’t be a trailer trash lifer like all the dirty Sox fans…

    By Cousin Charlie on Jan 20, 2009

  6. To be fair, he’s from Hawaii, therefore he should be a Padres fan. Since the Friars are the only Major League franchise to play a home game in Hawaii.

    By Phillips on Jan 21, 2009

  7. I haven’t forgotten punting pioneers like Reggie Roby. And there have been several Hispanic kickers, from Fuad Reveiz to the Gramaticas. Just not a lot of black ones.

    By Hick Flick on Jan 21, 2009

  8. Ugh. Nobody’s going to comment that this guy throws like a sissy?


    By skating on glue on Jan 22, 2009

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