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January 7, 2009 – 5:52 pm by Hickey

Ottawa has become the epicenter of the hockey world overnight, and it didn’t even require the Senators to actually be good. (Ironically, when they made the finals a couple years ago, no one paid any attention to them).

The first news item out of Canada’s capital is that Sens center Mike Fisher and “country” music starlet Carrie Underwood are now an item. (Country is in quotation marks because if it ain’t about whiskey, pick-up trucks and heartbreak, it ain’t country).

It’s quite a coup for Fisher if you ask us. Underwood, former romancer of Cowboys QB Tony Romo, is a major catch for a guy who only has 12 points and carries has a +/- of -12. For the hockey illiterate, that means the other team has scored 12 more goals than the Senators when Fisher is on the ice.

However, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Underwood is dating a hockey player, even if it’s unlikely that she knew what icing was before she started dating Fisher. (Perhaps the mystery of hockey is part of the intrigue that makes these guys attractive). Hot chicks have a long history of ending up with hockey players. In fact, without a doubt, hockey players pull in the highest-quality females out of any professional sport.

Why? Not being a chick, I can’t really answer that. I’ve always assumed a full set of teeth would be a selling point, but apparently it doesn’t matter that much. My guess is they are into dudes who are tough yet down-to-earth, which is a good way to describe most hockey players, though that doesn’t explain Sean Avery’s success. (But if the ladies ever smelled a locker room after a game, they might have second thoughts).

We’re just hoping that Romo plays into Dallas sporting tradition and questions why a guy in the NHL is dating his sloppy seconds.

The other big news out of Ottawa happened on the ice. Imagine that. Senators Euro-goon Jarko Ruutu has been suspended two games by the NHL after biting Sabres forward Andrew Peters during Tuesday night’s game in Buffalo.

Seriously, who bites a guy? Ruutu must have been trying to channel his inner Viking or something.

If you want to see in-depth coverage of the biggest sporting bite since Tyson-Holyfield, here ya go. The best part is Ruutu pulling a Kyle Farnsworth and trying to look sophisticated by wearing glasses in the locker room. And then denying that anything ever happened.

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  1. 3 Responses to “More Like Hottawa”

  2. I can fully vouch for the fact that hockey players pull in some incredible looking girls.

    And, let’s be serious, the game has evolved to a more skilled game rather than something that resembles wrestling on ice. So most guys have their teeth.

    By TheRiot on Jan 8, 2009

  3. As a hockey player myself, i can full vouch that although most hockey players do have their teeth, i will bet at least 90% of all NHLers have at least one fake tooth or crown… guaranteed… would love to see a player survey on this topic

    By Jwall on Jan 8, 2009

  4. As a female hockey fan I can say that women are attracted to hockey players because they’re real men. I’ll take Mike Fisher or Jarome Iginla over Brad Pitt any day. Nothing shows me a real man like a few scars from sticks in the face. What real woman wants a man who gets manicures and pedicures? Plus they’re the most genuine and humble of all professional atheletes. Probably because most of them are Canadian.

    By sponge89 on Jan 8, 2009

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