I Dream About Kissing Cousins

January 22, 2009 – 11:11 am by TheBaker

Please excuse me for leading with a quote:

“UAB is out of the picture, but I’m still down with Mike Davis. It’s a bad situation down there, and nothing is going to change. Even if Coach Davis is there, I’m not going there.” – DeMarcus Cousins.

Why do we care so much where a former University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers commit might end up? Because he just happens to be the No. 2 ranked player in the nation according to rivals.com.

Cousins committed to UAB but refused to sign his letter-of-intent unless he had it in writing that allowed him to opt out of his letter if Davis wasn’t retained as head coach next season.

Finally a recruit using leverage in what has become the fleecing of high school athletes for years. UAB said no dice. So Cousins never signed.

Now, he’s looking at a list of schools led by Memphis, Kansas State, NC State and Wake Forest.

But DeMarcus Cousins, I implore you, look at Indiana.

You’ve already dissed Mike Davis once, why not make it twice?

One of your former LeFlore teammates, Nick Williams – last year’s Alabama Mr. Basketball – is already in Bloomington playing 28 minutes a game.

IU assistant coach Bennie Seltzer is a Birmingham man. Sure LeFlore is in Mobile, Ala., but Cousins is from Birmingham.

In a former life, I was a newspaper journalist. During that life, I was an intern at The Birmingham News. I covered Cousins when he was a freshman at Erwin High School, and let me tell you he was, and still is, a badass.

The Hoosiers top recruit for next season is another Birmingham kid I covered as a freshman, Christian Watford. (Funny thing is, when I was there he played for Hewitt-Trussville, not Shades Valley. Have to love the high school changes. Oh, and another IU recruit Bawa Muniru is from Montgomery, Ala., but is now playing at Tracy McGrady’s alma mater, Mt. Zion in North Carolina.)

Indiana needs bodies. And I need something to smile about. I predicted IU would go 0-fer in the Big Ten season. So far I’m right. Now, the Big Ten is good, but not that good. Indiana is just that bad.

So Indiana would seem like a logical fit, right?

Well unfortunately the Hoosiers don’t have an available scholarship for next season. There are a few reasons for this. One, IU’s self-imposed sanctions stripped them of a scholarship for next season. But more importantly, the purge of everything Kelvin Sampson left the cupboard entirely bare. With it being so late in the game, Tom Crean ended up offering scholarships to guys like this. The dude has six times as many fouls (12) as he does points (two).

Now, we know Crean can recruit. He’s already got the nation’s fifth-ranked class ready to go next year.

So pair that with all the “coincidences” between IU and Cousins and one could be allowed to dream what could have been. What Crean really should do is drop Doc Rivers a phone call and tell him it would be great if he wouldn’t mind paying his son’s (Georgetown transfer Jeremiah Rivers) tuition next year rather than have him take up a valuable scholarship. Because we save those for guys like this. Hey, he’s actually helping our GPA. Got a 100 percent in one class, which is better than I ever did.

But it’s a pipe dream. It looks like Cousins is leaning toward the Derrick Rose Model. Let John Calipari get a hold of you for one year, eat up on cupcakes, look awesome and be a lottery pick.

Either way, he’s still sticking it to Mike Davis – possibly twice.

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  1. 3 Responses to “I Dream About Kissing Cousins”

  2. Im gonna have to start taking a cut of ad revenue…

    By BakersPapi on Jan 22, 2009

  3. Yeah every once in a while I think of the ever so slight chance of getting Cousins and it gives me a full on boner. It’s not likely but it’s not impossible either.

    As for that Mike Davis video, if I recall correctly, we got absolutely robbed in that game.

    By Pablo on Jan 22, 2009

  4. Know it’s been a while, but there’s a couple of things…

    1. Cousins was absolutely HORRIBLE in the 5A state tournament in Birmingham. 2-12 from the field, 3-8 from the line for 7 points, and his LeFlore team got pretty well dominated 52-39. Add to that his career ended with him getting a technical foul that gave him his fifth, and I’d stay away from him.

    2. Bawa Muniru is not from Montgomery, he’s from Madison, home of the Madison Academy Mustangs, where he helped win 3 straight state titles. In a not-so-stunning development, without a 7-footer in the middle, Mad Acad didn’t win 3A this year.

    By JD on Mar 4, 2009

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