Hey Indiana Fans, Stop Sucking

January 15, 2009 – 5:46 pm by McD

You know Dan Dakich, right? Played for Bob Knight, assistant for Bob Knight, big fan of alliterative names. You know, Dan Dakich. Well, he turned his failed gig as interim victim/head basketball coach at Indiana University into a midday radio show on the local Indianapolis ESPN Radio affiliate. Naturally, he talks quite a bit about the basketball since he’s been coaching it or playing it at the college level since 1981.

Well, today on his local radio show (I only ever hear the teasers because I have a day job) Dan Dakich discussed how fans of IU basketball, especially students, are staying away in droves from Assembly Hall this season.

My reaction: You’re full of shit, Dan Dakich! I don’t believe it. There’s simply no way. You’re just a loser who couldn’t win games with Eric Gordon and DJ White and a supporting cast higher than Snoop Dogg!

And yet, after a little non-scientific investigation, turns out he’s right. IU fans are avoiding 1001 East 17th Street in Bloomington, Indiana like it’s infected with the Ebola virus. Take a look at the following half-assed chart:

Total seats in Assembly Hall: 17,456

07/08 Season: Sampson/Dakich

Dec. 3, 2007, Tennessee State: 17,171

Dec. 8, 2007, Kentucky: 17,410

Fall Semester Over

Dec. 22, 2007, Coppin State: 14,366

Spring Semester Begins

Jan. 23, 2008, Iowa: 17,269

Feb. 3, 2008, Northwestern: 17,332

Feb. 19, 2008, Purdue: 17,401

08/09 Season: Tom Crean

Nov. 15 Northeastern State: 13,446 (Tom Crean’s Assembly Hall debut)

Nov. 18 IUPUI: 13,174

Dec. 10 TCU: 13,129

Fall Semester Over

Dec. 22 Northeastern: 10,701

Dec. 28 Lipscomb: 14,827

Jan. 7 Michigan: 11,044

First, I know the spring semester hadn’t started yet when Indiana blew a huge lead and lost to Michigan. I also know the Hoosiers were much, much better in the 07/08 season than in the 08/09 season. So save your criticisms of those two notions.

But you’ll notice from the chart the Hoosiers played on Dec. 22 of both last season and this season and had strikingly similar attendance for a Christmas-break game. The difference is 2007’s game is one of the lower attendance figures, and 2008’s game is one of the largest of it’s respective season. Even the November 15, 2008 home game for IU, Tom Crean’s home debut failed to sell out by 4,000-ish seats.Plus the two other fall-semester home games on the sked (IUPUI and TCU) weren’t even close to selling out either. IU pretty much sold out against Tennessee Fucking State on Dec. 3 of 2007, but now we can’t even get a good crowd for our new coach’s debut?

That is fucking pathetic.

Every year, IU basketball is one of the most well-supported programs in the entire country. To paraphrase Tom Crean, it’s fucking Indiana! Of course the team is well-supported. And because of that kind of fan support, everyone just assumes Indiana fans are die-hards in the same company as the Cameron Crazies, UCLA fan, etc.

Yet there hasn’t been this kind of shittiness in many, many years. The team has been mostly successful the entire time since Bob Knight was coaching, and even before.

Here’s my point: Have Indiana fans been closet fair-weather fans the entire time? Did no one know it until now?

If you live in Indiana like 3/5 of us do, you’d have seen signs of fair-weather-fandom here and there around before now. Every time anything goes wrong with the Colts, fans freak out and even called for Tony Dungy to be fired for losing in the first round of the playoffs the last couple of years. Yet when the Colts win, everyone has their jersey on and “knew it all along.”

When the Cubs are good, everyone around this town is sporting that one blue hat with the “C” and the little bear every male under the age of 40 around here seems to own. But only when the Cubbies are good. When they lose or drop out of the playoffs, everyone pretends this is just Indianapolis and wasn’t a baseball town anyway.

Everyone knew IU basketball would be beyond horrible in Tom Crean’s first season. Kelvin Sampson left this team in tatters when he was fired, and there was nothing Dan Dakich could do, either. We all knew this. But if the fans can’t be bothered to support this team, a clean program the fans can believe in again, then Kelvin Sampson has truly won.

Does it take one dirty coach to turn the IU fanbase into a quivering mass of front-runners?

I refuse to believe that. Come on, Indiana fans, support this fucking team! Go to the games! Cheer your asses off for this team!

Seasons like this are when you really earn your stripes as a fan. If you can support a team when it’s at it’s absolute worst, then the high you get when they’re at their absolute best is unbeatable (not that I’d know, being a Chargers and Padres fan). Not only does being a fairweather fan cheapen the entire experience, it makes the die-hards like the five of us here at Rumors and Rants hate you even more. Besides, the fuck else do the students have to do at 7pm on a fucking Tuesday night in the middle of winter? Drink and “have relations” after the game, you sissies.

Next year, when Crean’s first crop of real recruits shows up and the Hoosiers are good again, I guarantee Assembly Hall will be packed once more and everyone will be vocally supporting the team again.

So here’s a message from the alumni and the die hards who aren’t bailing on this team*: If you aren’t going to cheer for the Hoosiers live and in person, especially the students, then don’t come back next year or the year after when the team is good again. Stay the fuck away because we don’t want you.

*I haven’t been to a game yet this season. Shut up. Ass. I said “yet.” Eat me.
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  1. 6 Responses to “Hey Indiana Fans, Stop Sucking”

  2. For the record, I would not have bought season tickets this year. Have you watched this team play?

    By TheRiot on Jan 15, 2009

  3. I agree but it’s hard to call students fair weather fans since they’ve been at IU for a relatively short time. I think (assume) that the alumni are still pretty much behind it and would go to games when they can. But usually tons of freshmen get season tix because they can’t watch games at fun places that serve alcohol. The freshmen this year have no reason to go unless they grew up IU fans. It’s unfortunate, but probably true.

    Anyway, soon enough we’ll be good again and we will be able to talk shit to anyone who attended IU in the 08-09 season because they suck.

    P.S. That Michigan game was awesome, except for the end of course

    By Pablo on Jan 16, 2009

  4. If IU fans want to feel better about themselves, look west across the border. The Illwhini had similar attendance problems during their losing seasons (ok, their most recent ones). It’s funny that two Illinois teams wind up on a list of teams with bandwagon, fair-weather fans.

    By Dee on Jan 16, 2009

  5. Loosiers

    By BakersPapi on Jan 16, 2009

  6. OOOHHHH DISSSS!!! You got called out on Inside The Hall: http://www.insidethehall.com/2009/01/16/and-now-we-shall-discuss-the-low-attendance-inside-assembly-hall/

    BLOG FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Pablo on Jan 17, 2009

  7. How can some of you defend being fairweather fans?! There is nothing worse then fake fans who only hop along for the good times. Fairweather fans are the scum of sports, worse then lawyers and sports agents. Either you truly are a fan and love your team through thick and thin, or you just another jack ass who thinks it cool to support a team because they are winning. Respect for calling out these fakes

    By Ross on Jan 19, 2009

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