Governor Mitch Daniels is Actually Doing Something Worthwhile

January 13, 2009 – 2:15 pm by admin

I may not necessarily speak for the rest of my cohorts here at Rumors and Rants, but Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is pretty much a pud. I’ve just never been a fan of him.

Not that I have a Ditch Mitch bumper sticker or anything. Really, I don’t.

But in sports-related news, Daniels is actually doing something worthwhile this week (unlike letting a joint Spanish-Australian company assume control of  the Indiana Toll Road, but I digress).

Daniels will govern barefoot Friday morning with IUPUI basketball coach Ron Hunter to help Hunter raise awareness for the Samaritan’s Feet charity.

Samaritan’s Feet is a non-profit that helps collect shoes for children who, for whatever reason, don’t have the luxury of footwear. Last year, Hunter garnered attention by coaching an IUPUI game in his bare feet. Not too much attention, because even if the IUPUI players took the court without uniforms, it wouldn’t get national attention. Anyway, Hunter will coach in bare feet again on Saturday.

He, an assistant and some players also distributed shoes to needy children in Peru last year. All in all, pretty cool story. Hopefully Daniels’ participation doesn’t kill the thing.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Governor Mitch Daniels is Actually Doing Something Worthwhile”

  2. I usually go with “chode” instead of “pud” to describe My Man Mitch, but I’m old-fashioned that way.

    By McD on Jan 13, 2009

  3. This is overblown. The governor of Alabama governs barefoot every day.

    By Hick Flick on Jan 14, 2009

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