Bob Knight’s Mexican Donkey Show Makes Us PUke

January 22, 2009 – 10:41 pm by TheBaker

I wasn’t the biggest Bob Knight fan growing up. I didn’t grow up anywhere near Indiana. I was one of those IU freshmen who thought “The General” was Patton or MacArthur.

But as far as Bob Knight goes as a studio and in-game analyst, I love it. I can’t get enough of it. Whether he’s mentioning that Sid Hartman is “in the Jewish Hall of Fame” or exchanging banter with the referees during the game (something he’s never done before), he’s brilliant television.  

But as I watched him team up with the venerable Brent Musberger (Did you hear Northwestern beat Michigan State? Wowzer!) cover Thursday’s Purdue-Minnesota game, I wondered what was going through his mind during the broadcast. The Boilers got a vital Big Ten road win, so for Purdue fans it was like getting your shaft stroked but your balls bit at the same time.

But what was The General really thinking? I mean after all it’s Purdue, and we know how he feels about the PUkes.

And then there’s this. (WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE, DUH!)

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  1. 4 Responses to “Bob Knight’s Mexican Donkey Show Makes Us PUke”

  2. I watched part of the game last night. It was nice to be able to watch a Big Ten game being broadcast by Musburger and not want to thrust red hot pokers into my ears.

    Knight made it tolerable to watch, and his break down of the end-of-game strategy was excellent.

    By MJenks on Jan 23, 2009

  3. I, too, thought he was very good as a color commentator. As an Indiana native, basketball fan/player, and IU graduate, I have to say that it was interesting listening to Knight’s thoughts about Purdue because the Boilermakers are VERY MUCH the kind of team Knight tried to put together. They are a team that runs a motion offense similar to the one Knight used at IU, they are a very balanced team that can score inside or out, they run a dogged man defense, and they show signs of being a very unselfish, determined group of players. In the past he has said positive things about Painter and he couldn’t help but show his approval for Hummel and Johnson. In all, I suppose it doesn’t shock me that he called that game so well because it is a team that reflects a lot of his concepts. And, it was hilarious when he started talking about Hartman. I have also lived in Minneapolis and can confirm that what he said about his status there is true.

    By Bruce Paine on Jan 23, 2009

  4. Well said Bruce. He definitely seemed to enjoy himself. So much better than Vitale.

    By TheBaker on Jan 23, 2009

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