We’re Going Streaking! Through the Quad! Come on Everybody!

December 15, 2008 – 4:43 pm by TheBaker

Sure Sundays are usually reserved for American football, but with the Bears already winning on Thursday I had a little extra time to check out football of the European brand.

So during my perusal through some of the highlights from Italy’s Serie A, I came across this gem.¬†

With the game between AS Roma and Cagliari knotted at 2-2 heading into injury time, Mirko Vucinic scored the decisive goal giving the Romans the win.

So how did the Serbian celebrate Roma’s fifth straight Serie A victory?

A. In a mocking tribute to Paolo Di Canio, the former Lazio icon and Roma nemesis, Vucinic gave the straight arm salute waist high.

B. He went all Peter Crouch Robot on us.

C. He injured himself completing a series of backflips and is expected to miss four to eight weeks (Only the MLS).

D. He took off his shoes and threw them at the crowd.

Or E. He decided to undress and stripped down to his tighty-whities and ran around aimlessly.

Enjoy, and as an extra bonus the announcers are hilarious. If only my Italian wasn’t limited to “manicotti,” “fogettaboutit” and “Meadow Soprano.”

Now in the effort of full disclosure, I must admit I have a Roma scarf and flag hanging in my apartment and it has nothing to do with the team’s logo having Romulus and Remus sucking on the teat of a wolf… Maybe it does.

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  1. 3 Responses to “We’re Going Streaking! Through the Quad! Come on Everybody!”

  2. You said teat.

    Joe Buck is apoplectic at this display.

    By McD on Dec 15, 2008

  3. WTF? I’m not even sure taking off the shorts was a celebration. Looked like it just had to happen at that moment.

    By Pablo on Dec 16, 2008

  4. Yeah I’m a huge Roma supporter. Love i giallorossi. We have a history of homoerotic post goal/post game celebrations. A drop of water in a deep vast ocean. Check out the post game of the REAL Madrid games in the Champs league last year. 10 men skipping and holding hands together. I believe there was kissing too.

    By Robbie (ASR) on Dec 16, 2008

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