Sean Avery to Take His Hilarious But Crude Act Elsewhere

December 15, 2008 – 12:34 am by admin

As it turns out, the Jason Witten vs. T.O. thing isn’t the only drama involving a guy who can’t keep stupid things from coming out his mouth while playing for a professional sports team in the Dallas area this weekend.

Reports out of Dallas on Sunday, based on a news release by the team, say Sean Avery won’t be returning to skate for the Stars — ever. Avery’s suspension for those wickedly funny but in-poor-taste comments about “sloppy seconds” ended Saturday.

Right now the Stars are exploring their options for getting rid of Avery. Those include trading him, trying to get him through waivers or buying him out in the summer.

The issues here are twofold: What happens to Avery and what happens to co-general manager Brett Hull in light of this failed experiment?

Avery’s situation is a lot like a T.O. Someone will probably take him on because he’s a talented enough winger to warrant the risk.

But that’s what Hull thought when he, to some degree, put his integrity and that of his organization on the line to sign Avery as a free agent during the offseason. He got burned. You would think other general managers would take note of this.

Then again, maybe a struggling organization that could use a little spark (while also moving past some of its own controversy) will take him on and try to catch lightning in a bottle. Oh, did I say Lightning?

Pure speculation on my part. But I’d be pretty surprised if somebody doesn’t take a risk on him. At the very least he’ll say some entertaining things. So there’s that.

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