Padres, Cubs Set To Quit Each Other

December 11, 2008 – 12:43 pm by Ryan Phillips

This might be the most insufferably boring edition of the Winter Meetings in years. So far there have been virtually no big stories. I mean what have we gotten? The Yankees handed out far too much money. WOW, that is news. The Mets got two closers and plan to make one a set-up guy. Ah the Mets, always good for a laugh. Oh, oh and Kerry Wood looks to be going to Cleveland!!!! You enjoy that experience Kerry.

The session’s most talked about move hasn’t even happened. And now it looks like it might not.

Yes, the much ballyhooed (great word by the way) Jake Peavy trade from the San Diego Padres to the Chicago Cubs looks to be all but dead. San Diego GM Kevin Towers set a Thursday deadline for the trade to get done and, as of now, it looks like that will not happen. In order for the deal to go down the Cubs have said they need to unload Jason Marquis’ ridiculous contract to give them the salary flexibility to fit Peavy in. Shockingly, no one is jumping out of their seats to take on an (at best) average pitcher with a $9.875 million salary for 2009.

The Cubs and Padres have reportedly agreed to certain aspects of the deal. The centerpiece appears to be Single-A third baseman Josh Vitters. The No. 3 overall pick of the 2007 draft, Vitters is a 19-year-old southern California native who would add a big time prospect to the Padres system. But in return for Peavy – just a year removed from winning a Cy Young Award – the Cubs will need more ammo to get a deal done.

Players recently discussed have been pitchers Angel Guzman and Kevin Hart, and possible prospects from a third team (either the Phillies or the Orioles) since the Cubs lack adequate pitching to get the deal done. But adding a third team makes things far more complicated and since nothing has been agreed to yet, that makes it even harder. Basically all of these moving pieces make it fairly obvious that this thing won’t get done.

So despite the fact Buster Olney declared it a certaintly months ago, Jake Peavy will not be moving. You know, it would have really saved us a whole lot of time if someone would have just told us all at the start that he’d be staying in San Diego. Yep, that really would have helped. Oh well, I guess no one was brilliant or devastatingly handsome enough to see this coming.

UNSEXY UPDATE (If you’re a Cubs fan): The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that the Cubs and Padres have broken off talks for good.

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  2. Any chance you e-mailed this to Buster Olney? If you do, please also include this link.

    By Booter on Dec 11, 2008

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