Oh Rick, Where Will It End?

December 30, 2008 – 3:40 am by Ryan Phillips

A bomb dropped in Los Angeles yesterday where it appears Rick Neuheisel’s penchant for being one of the dirtiest players in the game has reared it’s ugly head. Again. Frankly, I’m shocked.

According to the Los Angeles Times, USC Linebackers coach (and UCLA alum) Ken Norton Jr. was informed by several recruits that Neuheisel has used his name to lure recruits to UCLA. Norton claims that Neuheisel has told recruits that if current defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker leaves UCLA for another position (he’s up for the New Mexico State job) that Norton would be brought in to replace him. From the looks of things, Walker clearly wants out as he’s auditioned for every available head coaching vacancy and given his reputation as a recruiter, many recruits would probably be upset if he left. So apparently to ease their fears, Neuheisel has invoked Norton’s name, not only to keep his current recruits, but to lure current USC commits away.

Clearly, Norton isn’t happy about what he’s hearing,

“It’s coming from there and it’s wrong and it’s not true. So if you’re going to recruit, recruit what you have … Don’t try to recruit saying I’m coming over there. And I’m not saying I’m a big deal. I’m just saying you made it a big deal by using me as some kind of target or ploy or something.”

Norton went on to add, “It’s important that it’s known that I’m here and I’m staying here. I just think the recruits should know that. The fans should know that.”

Oh Rick, why can’t you just be the fresh-faced, clean-cut schoolboy we all want you to be? You just can’t help yourself can you?

Today Neuheisel denied any wrongdoing, saying that if Walker left Norton would have been on his short list for the defensive coordinator job. He claimed to have never told recruits that Norton would be on the UCLA staff.

The Times’ T.J. Simers asked USC head coach Pete Carroll about the situation and Carroll’s response was simple, “Talk to the recruits.”

From a few people I’ve emailed regarding this situation, it appears that several recruits brought this to Norton’s attention, it was not an isolated case. Take that for what it’s worth, since no one will name specific players or instances, but it wouldn’t make sense for Norton to bring this up out of nowhere if it wasn’t a real issue.

Neuheisel’s past transgressions, plus the ridiculous recruiting tactics he used at Washington (that link is fascinating by the way) land me in the camp that believes Norton. I just can’t bring myself to trust a guy who’s been a two-time loser. Maybe it’s just a hangover from the Kelvin Sampson era at my beloved Alma mater, but when you give someone a reason not to trust you, then do it again, good luck getting them to believe anything you say.

I compare it to a wrestling match with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Just when you think he’s finally learned his lesson and is reaching to shake your hand, he goes for the quick eye rake, then hits you with a low blow. Never fails. The only difference is that Ric Flair is a champion, while Rick Neuheisel is just a douchebag.

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  1. 23 Responses to “Oh Rick, Where Will It End?”

  2. Is this worse than sending a limo to pick up a kid in front of his ghetto high school after he has already told you numerous times that he is going to honor his commitment to another school? Or worse than somehow not knowing that your star player’s parents of less than modest means somehow moved into an enormous house. Or worse than your star receiver is living in an apartment there’s no way he could afford except for the fact that he’s living with the golden boy quarterback who’s daddy is footing the bill?

    I’m looking in your direction Mr. Carrol…

    By Booter on Dec 30, 2008

  3. RIC Flair.

    By Bannon on Dec 30, 2008

  4. Don’t know anything about the limo story, please elaborate. The Bush situation happened away from campus and frankly there’s no way they could have known what was going on. In fact, USC were the ones who reported it when they did find out.

    The Jarrett situation isn’t even really something to complain about since he was paying rent, the same rent Leinart was paying and it was a deal between Leinart’s family and him, not the university. Was it a dumb thing that they didn’t look into the rules about it? Absolutely, but hardly as bad as lying to recruits about a coach’s position at another school and saying he really wants to (and will) come to coach with you.

    By Phillips on Dec 30, 2008

  5. Bannon,
    Thanks for the edit, fixed now. I always thought it was Ric, but I looked it up last night and some site said Rick so I went with it.

    By Phillips on Dec 30, 2008

  6. Booter, did you get that name from all the punting your team does? Im looking in your direction asswipe.

    By USCownsUCLA on Dec 30, 2008

  7. Takes a lot of guts to call someone a douchebag who you’ve never met and get all your info from real douchebags, the media.

    Run along now Phillips, you’re jealous because Rick matters to a lot of people and you had to form an attack blog in an attempt to be significant to anyone.

    By You're A Big Man on Dec 30, 2008

  8. USCownsUCLA,
    Ease up on Booter. He’s a friend of the site and definitely entitled to his own opinion. We welcome it here.

    You’re A Big Man,
    This is hardly an “attack blog”. First of all, I have met Rick Neuheisel, briefly. And it’s fine that you call the media douchebags, but those same douchebags are the ones who caught him doing dirty shit at Colorado AND Washington.

    And if a guy who’s a proven two-time cheater matters to a lot of people, I’d imagine their lives aren’t exactly fulfilling.

    By Phillips on Dec 30, 2008

  9. Wait, Phillips, if Indiana University is your alma mater, why are you a USC football fan? Funny, I really thought you were going to agree with Neuheisel on this one too. And I need to use your honorary “Phillips is USC homer” tag more often.

    By McD on Dec 30, 2008

  10. McD,
    Cute. But frankly it’s hard to believe anything this guy says. It’s not like he doesn’t have a long history of being a complete and total asshole. Not to mention a cheater. Twice.

    By Phillips on Dec 30, 2008

  11. Cheater is inaccurate. He won his lawsuit against UW. He was fired without cause there and the courts agreed.

    By Mark on Dec 31, 2008

  12. Mark,
    Actually, he cheated by the recruiting tactics he used. He was fired for participating in an NCAA pool but that was just a reason Washington came up with to send him packing. Read the Slate article I linked to about his recruiting tactics.

    Also, Colorado went on probation shortly after he left for 51 NCAA violations. He won his lawsuit against Washington was because the reason stated for his dismissal was bogus. There were deeper problems (like not suspending guys who committed felonies, etc) look them up, they’ve been written about ad nauseam.

    By Phillips on Dec 31, 2008

  13. Rumors about Norton as a candidate to come back to UCLA as a DC have been floating around for weeks on several bruin and trojan chat forums. We wouldn’t some recruits ask about it? As long as UCLA coaches don’t flat out confirm it, everything is fair game in recruiting. Coaches use negative recruiting all the time. You don’t think the trojans are telling potential recruits that DeWayne Walker would be leaving UCLA? UCLA DE Brian Price was highly recruited between UCLA and USC last year. After he verbally announced he would commit to UCLA, Petey sent a limo to pick him up after school. Search it on google.

    By Berk on Dec 31, 2008

  14. Rick and Kenny met after Rick was announced as the UCLA head coach. If DW didn’t stay, there was rumors KN would the DC. Obviously DW stayed and there was no spot open. From Rick’s comments in the papers, one might think what KN has said in the papers is different than maybe what reps for both sides may have discussed recently. And saying Kenny was a candidate is a whole lot different than saying Kenny IS the DC.

    How is this different than USC saying Chow would only stay one year or that DW is leaving each year.

    Sc registers NFL and NBA player agents. They know who these guys are. The agents spend time inside Floyd’s office and inside the team room after football games. How a family that can’t pay rent is all of a sudden making every games and other things is maybe a sign for someone with their eyes open.

    Every year SUC finds a different way to expand the rules. Limos to pick up recruits, teleconference calls with past players. Player’s dad paying rent for other players.

    This program is dirty and when finally something comes down on these guys … guys like you will be wondering … wow why didn’t we know. And that’s because you don’t want to.

    By Manuel on Jan 1, 2009

  15. Funny….Pete Carroll arranges a call between Joe McKnight and Reggie Bush with McKnight in his office to assure him that everything is cool with the NCAA and Reggie. Violation of NCAA rules…but AFTER a reporter questions McKnights statement at his signing day event Pete Carroll freaks out and says no conversation ever happened. They go back to Joe…”say it ain’t so Joe” and he completely, and awkwardly recants the whole thing and says he must have been mistaken…doesn’t know what he is talking about. Sounds like cheating to me.

    Nice if you posted the whole LA Time article instead of excerpts…like when Simers questioned where they got their information and which recruits.

    I do smell a douche bag here but it’s not Rick.

    By Interesting on Jan 1, 2009

  16. this is comical.

    Here’s what I don’t get. Neu has admitted his wrongdoing, spent a few years as a volunteer at an inner city high school to regain some credibility, was a position coach in the NFL and then came back to the NCAA. He has taken full responsiblity for everything he has done, admitted his mistakes, and changed his ways.

    Carroll has had all the incidents mentioned above, and has never ever admitted his program has done anything wrong. He had racist players posting racist crap on facebook, so he makes them run laps. He has an academic scandal with football players taking spanish class from seniora ross who it is found has never given a grade below a B to anyone. He has Reggie Bush parents in a mansion, Reggie on the cover of Dubs magazine in his new car while in college, his parents flying to away games first class, and doesn’t say a thing. And Reggie’s illegal agent was someone that Pete Carroll invited and allowed to be at SC practices. Pete Carrol knows his program is corrupt, as does everyone else who follows it.

    By SCcheats on Jan 1, 2009

  17. LOL!

    Your site should be called, “gossipandgotchas.com”

    Keep up the idiocy folks, you’ll soon be sucking Bruin Cock.

    By DingTank on Jan 1, 2009

  18. I love angry Bruin fans. You guys cry and scream about USC being a dirty program but you hired Rick FREAKING Neuheisel to coach your football team. If USC hired Kelvin Sampson as its basketball coach right now you’d react exactly the same way to this type of story.

    And if SC cheats so much as Bruin fans claim, then why hasn’t the NCAA done anything about it? If it’s so obvious and out in the open and there is so much evidence that they’re “corrupt” why hasn’t something been done?

    By Phillips on Jan 2, 2009

  19. “And if SC cheats so much as Bruin fans claim, then why hasn’t the NCAA done anything about it? If it’s so obvious and out in the open and there is so much evidence that they’re “corrupt” why hasn’t something been done?”

    uhh, that would be because the NCAA is spineless and would rather spend their precious time and resources going after the SW North Dakota State U. rather than the cash cows that $C and the entire SEC are known to be. $C owns the NCAA like Rey Maladjusted “owns the cops” in LA. Look it up!

    And a fan of Indiana, who was desperate enough to hire an even more notorious cheater like Kelvin Sampson is calling out Neu? Let me wake you to the reality of CFB. What Neu did at Colorado and UW, while wrong, is NO DIFFERENT than what goes on at every major Div. 1 football program. He just happened to get caught. In fact, I’d bet half my fortune that those minor infractions pale in comparison to what goes on in the SEC, Big 12, and practically every other BCS conference including $C.

    By generalee on Jan 2, 2009

  20. That’s some logic you have there Phillips. It goes a little something like this? If OJ is guilty of murder and there was abundant evidence, then why did a jury find him innocent? If Donald Rumsfeld signed documents authorizing the killing and torture of innocent people, then why hasn’t he been indicted? If there where multiple documented reports that Bernie Madoff was running a Ponzi Scheme, then why did the SEC not so much as raise an eyebrow? Sound familiar? It’s called power and influence my friend. It’s the same reason Bush is pardoning convicted felons as we speak. MONEY!!!! These allegations of USC’s dirty program are FACT and well documented. Keep the blinders on and believe what you want to believe.

    If Reggie Bush is innocent, then why have his attorneys used legal wrangling to prevent him from providing a sworn deposition in his civil suit? Think about it. Here is your evidence, refuting your Three Blind Mice defense.

    Exhibit A:


    and Exhibit B:


    The bottom line is, SUC is a high profile and high revenue generating school. The NCAA has shown a propensity in the past to protect franchises like these. Combine that with the fact that there hasn’t been enough of a public outcry to this point and you have your answer. However, like any thing else, the truth will eventually come out and your sorry little SUC life will be shattered, since SUC fans only care about FB.

    Furthermore, there has been no evidence, nor anybody to corroborate Norton’s claims. While there have been plenty of people coming forward refuting Norton’s claims. It seems that the 6 recruits in question would be those who both UCLA and SUC have been battling for. Of those six, Morrell Presley and his mother ,in the LA Times today, both refuted those claims. Inclusively, De’von Flournoy, who is a current SUC commit, in the LA Daily news also refuted Norton’s claims. Randall Carroll is pissed at SUC right now, so you know it wasn’t him. So, who’s left? Not looking good for Kenny. He’s not a very smart diplomat or effective lobbyist for sure.

    In any event, all the sorry claims by Norton, which were reported at the insistance of Chetey Petey, even if true are not NCAA violations. Therefore, the questions is: What was Chetey Petey trying to prove or accomplish? The answer is simple. He needed to retaliate for Presley and others UCLA is making headway with, save face, lock Norton down and away from UCLA, and make CRN the bad guy.

    He’s hearing footsteps and he doesn’t like it. That’s why, while never offering Walker a DC position, he strongly advised him not to take the UCLA job. Whine Whine Whine. That’s why he cried to the media about UCLA playing dirty after this years game. Whine Whine Whine. Are you freaking kidding me? The UNIVERSITY of SHOTS that are CHEAP, complaining about dirty play? Too funny. Dirty Recruiting U, complaining about non recruting violations? Whine Whine Whine. Guess what Chetey Petey, the world and recruits are watching. Your true face is being revealed. Here’s what they see: a dirty coach and program who has been challenged, desperately trying to hang on to his beloved monopoly. That’s why old Petey cried that they should have had a shot at the National Title after beating another SORRY team from the BCS’s worst Conference. Whine Whine Whine.

    How funny that SUC is now crying foul, when UCLA NEVER complained when SUC negative recruited. Claiming Dorrell would be fired. Claiming Walker would be gone. Claiming that you’re a Bruin for four years, but a Trojan for LIFE. I agree with that statement, in that Trojans are Criminals for life, i.e. OJ. I guess according to your logic Phillips, you’re only a criminal if you get caught.

    By BruinFaithful on Jan 4, 2009

  21. OK, first of all, Simers has always been a UCLA honk and his column was a joke. Wait until after signing day and I’m sure people will come forward about this situation.

    Second, any UCLA fan bitching about how Pete Carroll cheats loses all credibility, since your coach has cheated (and been caught) twice. And I never said saying Norton was leaving for UCLA was a recruiting violation, it’s just dirty, everyone knows that. Sure it goes on, but Neuheisel has been claiming that he’s above all that now.

    And the “The NCAA doesn’t want to punish USC because they make money” argument is a joke. Two words: Indiana University. If there was so much evidence to back up ALL of your claims, USC would have had SOMETHING, ANYTHING happen to it. Nothing has happened. So stop claiming Carroll is a cheater until you have real evidence.

    Hell, according to Bruin fans Pete Carroll is the devil. You guys probably think he set up the A Better LA Foundation just for football reasons. And you probably want him investigated for those trips to the ghetto at 2 am where he talks to gang members because you think he’s just recruiting them. You guys can’t just dislike the Trojans, there has to be something sinister there. Not one Trojan fan I know has ever claimed Howland cheats, or said that Dorrell was dirty. For some reason UCLA fans answer their ineptitude by blaming their rival’s coach. Yeah, I’m sure THAT’s the problem.

    By Phillips on Jan 5, 2009

  22. Wow, phillips, way to argue your point. You call out Bruinfaithful for lack of evidence yet you make your argument based on nonsense. Since when does,”any UCLA fan bitching about how Pete Carroll cheats loses all credibility” qualify as a substantial argument? That is just pathetic. KN made up these accusations because UCLA is making a run at their recruits, unlike Dorrell who was afraid to compete wit sc. Also, for your information, I live very close to usc and let me tell you something; usc fans are the most obnoxious fans I have ever encountered! They think the world revolves around them and sc football…the reason why you have never heard a usc fan complain about UCLA bb is because 1) your program sucks and they would be speaking from a position of inferiority 2) All I hear from sc fans is “Were a football school, we don’t care about basketball.” That is why they don’t complain, because no one cares about sc basketball! Most people in LA only care about Bruins basketball, not the watered down trojan team. Anyway, my point is if you want to turn a blind eye to what sc is doing–think reggie bush/oj mayo–then that is your call…just don’t try to convince others its true.

    By Joe Bruin on Jan 8, 2009

  23. Oh Btw, I forgot to mention…did you even check out that link that bruinfaithful posted? Because, to me, that is enough evidence to support the claims that usc is cheating. Go ahead check it out and see for yourself and then try to explain that one away.

    By Joe Bruin on Jan 8, 2009

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