Maybe the Yankees Can Throw Money at This Iraqi Journalist

December 15, 2008 – 12:52 am by admin

OK, so this basically has nothing to do with sports, but maybe we can relate it somehow.

Some Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush on Sunday at a press conference in Baghdad. Above is the video.

A couple things: W still has some pretty good reactions for a beaten down president. It looks like that Iraqi put some stank on those throws. You watching Hal Steinbrenner?

Also, if this is the in vogue way to treat lame duck officials, could fans not have used their shoes on, say, Gregg Robinson at Syracuse or another lame duck coach? I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

And lastly, in the words of Austin Powers, who throws a shoe, honestly?

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  1. 3 Responses to “Maybe the Yankees Can Throw Money at This Iraqi Journalist”

  2. agreed! it is a fierce shoe chucking (and deft ducking), i’m going to clock it at 87mph. but where was the secret service man throwing himself in front of the wizzing loafer?

    By nancy on Dec 15, 2008

  3. If you watch the entire video the Secret Service don’t even step on stage until after the SECOND shoe is thrown, only to pick it up, not throw his body over the Prez—think I’d re-think my security guards, W.

    By MamaD on Dec 15, 2008

  4. The whole incident very specifically reminded me of when Luke Recker hit a buzzer-beater to knock of the Hoosiers in the 2002 Big Ten tournament and I responded by tossing my shoes at my friend’s TV. At his parents house, no less. So there is precedent for journalists throwing shoes in a sports-related matter.

    By Hickey on Dec 16, 2008

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