Another One Bites The Dust

December 8, 2008 – 2:45 pm by TheBaker


On Monday, the Minnesota Timberwolves fired Randy Wittman. Why do we care? Because Randy Wittman is an Indiana University legend. Remember, we’re the guys who gave Isiah Thomas a free pass. What can we say, we love them Hoosiers.

Wittman will be replaced by the man, the myth, the legend, Kevin McHale. 

McHale is a slightly less retarded version of Matt Millen. And now, he gets another shot to show us that Joe Smith-Under-the-Table-Dealings and all aside, he actually knows a thing or two.

To be fair, his firing was pretty just. No one likes to see anyone lose their job, but the Timberwolves never really showed any improvement under Wittman. Is that entirely his fault? No, but the man who is replacing him gets to show us he’s not a complete moron. Leave it to a team from Minnesota to go all NHL on us with this GM taking over for fired coach non-sense. 

But back to Wittman.

Randy Wittman was always a darkhorse candidate whenever the IU coaching job opened up in the past few years (first after Mike Davis and then after Slimer Sampson).

He won a NCAA title in 1981 and was the Big Ten Player of the Year in 1983. He is a link to the days of Bobby Knight, highly respected and regarded and with pro coaching experience (previously in Cleveland) he was often the compromise selection among Hoosier faithful.

Now with seemingly the right man for the job (Tom Crean) in place until the 2017-2018 season thanks to a new two-year contract extension he received before ever coaching a game for the Cream and Crimson, Wittman’s IU ship has sailed. 

He’ll be a proud alumnus like the rest of us, a Hall of Famer and an IU legend, but nothing more. The man who could have been king? Perhaps. Now, he’ll have to settle for a lifetime’s role as an NBA assistant and perpetual interim coach.

It’s funny. The man many wanted him to replace has a job as an NBA assistant.

Better get that resume ready, Randy.

A week ago, Wittman took his night off to fly down to Bloomington to watch his son, Ryan, play the Hoosiers. And of course, Ryan Wittman is Cornell’s (the defending Ivy League champs) best player. 

Ryan Wittman led the Big Red with 28 points in a surprising loss to the Hoosiers.

On the brighter side at least dad will be around to watch games like the 33-point performance he dropped on Syracuse Dec. 3.

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  2. Wow…has anyone else noticed that Millen…I mean McHale…looks an awful lot like Lurch these days?

    By Hef on Dec 8, 2008

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