Yankees Apparently Impervious To World Financial Situation

November 18, 2008 – 2:26 pm by Ryan Phillips

After offering a staggering six-year, $140-145 million contract to C.C. Sabathia, the New York Yankees are apparently ready to extend a similarly ridiculous offer to Toronto free agent pitcher A.J. Burnett. The Punks in Pinstripes are said to be preparing a five-year, $80 million offer for the 32-year-old Burnett which is thought to be way above his market value. While Burnett has filthy stuff, this deal has “Carl Pavano” written all over it.

Lest we forget, Burnett had Tommy John surgery in 2003, which led to him missing out on the Marlins’ World Series run. Then upon his return in June 2004 he went 7-6 with a 3.68 ERA, but was again shut down in September due to another elbow injury. Then in 2005 he went 12-12 with a 3.44 ERA before being told to leave the team after he made inflammatory remarks about the franchise. The Marlins didn’t even make an attempt to re-sign him because they were fed up with his behavior.

Then Burnett signed with the Blue Jays before the 2006 season and he was immediately put on the disabled when scar tissue (remnants of his Tommy John surgery) broke off in his pitching arm. Later that season he went back on the DL for more than two months before finishing 10-8 with a 3.98 ERA. In 2007 he missed 48 games because of two stints on the DL, and again finished 10-8, this time with a 3.75 ERA. Then this past year he finally managed to stay healthy for an entire season, posting a record of 18-10 with a 4.07 ERA and an American League-best 231 strikeouts.

So as you see, this is a guy who’s had trouble staying healthy his entire career, then has a great season in a contract year. So some idiot GM is gonna give him a boatload of cash based solely on one full season and a ton of potential. Because that kind of thing has worked so well before with guys like Pavano and Adrian Beltre, etc.

So as I see it, the only institution not affected in some way by the current world financial crisis is the New York Yankees. If they can afford to waste $80 million, then they better be getting Bill in accounting something absurdly nice for Christmas.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Yankees Apparently Impervious To World Financial Situation”

  2. Well played, sir. I am a Yankee fan and could not agree with you more.

    By Dan on Nov 18, 2008

  3. I take that back – – I have one qualification. The “idiot GM” may be taking orders from Hank or Hal. In fact, I suspect that is the case so I will cut Cashman some slack notwithstanding some of his past questionable moves.

    By Dan on Nov 18, 2008

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