The Most Important Game Ever…

November 19, 2008 – 1:47 pm by McD

…in the history of Ball State football is tonight.

Okay, so Letterman’s alma mater isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but how often does Ball State at Central Michigan have BCS implications? I can tell you without looking it up: about as often as Clay Aiken and Lance Bass go cruising for chicks.

In the time-honored tradition of MAC football, this game, the most important game in the conference this year, is being played on a Wednesday night on ESPN2. The Cardinals are a seven-seven point favorite to beat the Chippewas, but if last week’s game against Miami(OH) is any indication, you’d be crazy to take the cover.

This is the first legitimate shot a MAC team has had at breaking into the BCS, and it’s basically taken a perfect storm to make it happen. Ball State ended up with a coach on the rise who has already received major program consideration, a talented pro-style quarterback in Nate Davis who basically came out of nowhere as a sophomore last season, and a tough, if small, running back in MiQuale Lewis. They even had Dante Love, the best receiver in the nation and an NFL prospect, before he injured his neck against Indiana, ending his playing career. In other words, the team also has something bigger than just winning to play for. Hence, the perfect storm. It’s all coming together in Muncie, IN.

Central Michigan has Dan LeFevour (though they didn’t need him to beat Indiana), the poor man’s Tim Tebow, who is a personal hero of mine since I had to turn somewhere else for salvation after Jake Locker abandoned me. They also have a generally explosive offense that’s going to give Ball State quite a few issues Wednesday night. Their defense is kind of terrible, though, so this game basically screams shootout.

Look, it’s MAC football on a Wednesday night, but I’m telling you it will be entertaining. Fantastic offenses, legit NFL prospects (at least one or two), an extremely high-stakes conference game (it’s not like the second-place team in a MAC division is getting a good bowl), and even BCS implications since Ball State is undefeated and trying to remain in the picture. These two teams have also both beaten Indiana, a major accomplishment all by itself. I work with quite a few Ball State alums, and they’ve been “tight,” to say the least, all week. When Ball State fan is nervous, hell, when Ball State fan CARES, you know it’s a big game.

See you Wednesday night.

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