When This World Series Ended, Did Anyone Notice?

October 29, 2008 – 10:52 pm by admin

It’s not just the two teams involved. Although, let’s be honest, nobody outside Philadelphia cares about the Phillies (we’re pretty sure Phillies fans don’t give a damn about that) and, despite the underdog appeal, literally nobody this side of Dick Vitale is really invested in the Rays (that’ll soon change, we hope).

We feel like it’s all kind of a shame. We’re big, big baseball fans. And irregardless of the fact that the Cubs or Padres (there you go, boys) are rarely if ever in the Series, this should be baseball’s ultimate showcase.

It is, after all, a world championship with the world’s best players.

But in a lot of ways, this year’s Fall Classic was a disaster. The television ratings have been pretty awful. We all know that and knew it would be like that going in.

We even found ourselves flipping around or watching weird weekday college football games instead of focusing in on the World Series.

The whole Game 5 suspension didn’t help matters either. As we watched the final moments Wednesday night — which were, incidentally, very entertaining — we couldn’t help but think how anticlimactic it was to wait all day to watch three and a half innings in prime time.

We don’t have any way to fix the system or anything like that. All we’re saying is it was a pretty damn boring Series and that pretty much sucks for all parties involved.

But hey, congrats to the Phillies and especially Jamie Moyer. May he ride off into the sunset. Well, if he so chooses. Maybe he wants to help defend the thing.

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  2. Nobody cares about the Phillies outside of Philly? Incorrect Duane Haring is a huge Phillies fan!

    By Brian on Oct 30, 2008

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