The Curse of the Goat Will Not Settle for Just a Sweep

October 8, 2008 – 12:53 am by admin

We don’t really buy into the whole curse thing around here. But hey, we’re clutching at straws since the Cubs got bounced from the playoffs in such insanely awful fashion. You’ll never understand.

Anyway, just after landing in the Domincan Republic after contributing almost nothing to the series against the Dodgers, Cubs reliever Carlos Marmol was involved in a car accident. Apparently a truck plowed into a car he was riding in just after getting there.

Turns out the injuries were minor (hey, thanks airbag!). That doesn’t mean we’re not wary of this little curse now following Cubs players out of the country.

Everybody’s got to be looking over their shoulders now.

Really, you’d think The Curse could settle for just another pathetic playoff performance. Greedy bastard that it is, it goes after an All Star. Figures.

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  2. At least Ambriox Burgos wasn’t driving.

    By Hickey on Oct 10, 2008

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