Somehow This Must Be Ed Hochuli’s Fault

October 7, 2008 – 3:16 pm by admin

Poor Ed Hochuli. He and his crew just can’t catch a break this year. It seems like every game they officiate as some bizzaro call or controversy that finds the ripped official in a whirlwind of pissed off fans.

The fine people of New Orleans let Hochuli have it a few times last night, but we’re not here to talk about his officiating. We’re here to talk about what he did to Saints cornerback Tracy Porter.

For the record, Porter is an IU alum and we have quite fond memories of him playing for the Hoosiers. So it’s only natural that we’re pissed some of Hochuli’s bad karma rubbed off on our boy last night. Yep, we’re pinning blame on Hochuli for this one too.

Porter dislocated his wrist defending a pass last night and had surgery today to put the thing back in place.

That’s no fun. It’s unclear how long Porter will be out, but either way it’s a shame. He won the starting job during the preseason and was having a fantastic rookie season. Surely he’ll comeback without (hopefully) missing a beat.

Damn Hochuli.

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