Phil Jackson Is Less Than Pleased With Lamar Odom (Already)

October 9, 2008 – 1:49 am by admin

Well, well, well, this didn’t take very long. One of the most enigmatic players in the Association is already drawing the ire of his head coach. Let’s remember, it’s the preseason. A little early to be chapping the boss’s ass we’d say.

Nevertheless, Lamar Odom started and ran the point for the Lakers in their first exhibition game the other night and Phil Jackson wasn’t, shall we say, enthused with the way Odom played.

Apparently racking up more fouls than points or assists isn’t a good thing? Who knew.

Assistant coach Kurt Rambis, who was filling in on the bench for the swollen-legged Jackson, said Odom’s game was below average. Jackson wasted no time setting the record straight on all that:

“I just got through telling him that this is really basketball now,” Jackson said Wednesday. “He looks like he’s either curling or doing some other kind of sport. He’s not playing basketball.

“The first shot he took was a three-pointer in the middle of the third quarter? That was pretty interesting.”

Ha. Well, at least they’re working out the kinks in the preseason right? Don’t worry, Lakers fans, it won’t be long before Kobe realizes Odom shouldn’t have the ball and takes it away. Just wait.

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