Matt Ryan is No Michael Vick; That’s a Good Thing

October 13, 2008 – 10:32 am by admin

We know, we know. What an obvious title for a post. You can obviously see the difference between the Atlanta’s rookie quarterback from Boston College and the guy from Virginia Tech currently quarterbacking some penal league team.

In terms of style, they couldn’t be more different. Ryan is a pure drop back passer. Vick is the ultimate hybrid (we use the present tense out of respect for his current, incarcerated team).

In terms of what they’ve done for the Falcons in the last year, they also couldn’t be more different.

Vick went to court and got thrown in jail for his part in a dog fighting ring, all the while dragging the franchise and city he came to represent to the depths of his own hell. It was a mild tragedy. As compared to some other, real tragedies that is.

After the Vick thing and the ridiculous exodus of then-coach Bobby Petrino to coach at Arkansas, the Falcons had to wipe the slate clean after a miserable year.

How does one do that? Why, draft a squeaky clean franchise quarterback of course.

Everybody liked Ryan’s potential. That’s how you get drafted in the top three. But nobody saw him making this kind of impact this early.

The Falcons are a surprising 4-2 and Ryan has been the catalyst. We got to really watch him for the first time Sunday against the Bears and he looked outstanding, going 22-of-30 through the air for 301 yards and one touchdown in a 22-20 win.

We were most impressed when, after Kyle Orton had led what looked like a game-winning drive for the Bears, Ryan took the ball with six seconds left and completed a 26-yard pass to Michael Jenkins that set up Jason Elam’s 48-yard field goal as time expired.

It was an impressive display of poise. Who knew all this would come together so quickly in Atlanta?

Makes you wonder if anybody is even thinking about Michael Vick anymore. We’d hope not.

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