Looks Like Anyone Can Get a Stalker These Days

October 7, 2008 – 2:45 pm by admin

Seriously. We remember when it was something special to get your own stalker. It was an honor reserved for only the most elite of athletes and celebrities. We have no reference. We’re just saying.

And now we find out that Lakers forward Luke Walton has a stalker.

Not that this is anything less than serious. Turns out the 34-year old woman from El Segundo, Calif., has been after Mr. Walton for quite sometime. The quotes from Walton are priceless:

“When she pulled up to my house and started yelling at me after she fired a fake gun at me, I couldn’t help but to start yelling back at her,” Walton said. “She was in my driveway. But when we were interacting, I could tell by the stuff she was saying that she’s not all there in the head — which makes me feel bad for her.

“At the same time, most people who go on killing sprees are people who aren’t all there in the head.”

Killing sprees? Yeesh. Sounds like Luke is pretty scurred. This woman also doesn’t sound like someone we’d want to party with.

Hopefully this all takes care of itself and they lock this loon up. Who needs crazy women chasing them around town? Not me. Wait. Maybe. Eh, nevermind.

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