Disco-Era Dodgers Rock Out (Warning: Not Safe For Ears)

October 10, 2008 – 3:12 am by Hickey

Sometimes I wonder how anyone made it through the late ’70s without drinking the Jonestown Kool-Aid.

I suppose if I had actually lived through the era, I might be blissfully unaware of how awful it was. Or at least adhering to a strict drug regimen would allow me to achieve this blissful ignorance.

Anyhow, let me set the stage for what is about to happen in the following internet space. Apparently at some point Andy Gibb of the Bee-Gees rocketed to such stratospheric heights of stardom that he hosted his own television program alongside some broad I’ve never seen or heard of. (I think they still used the term broad in the late ’70s, so I’m using it here.)

This show’s success managed to carry over into the early ’80s, and for some unfortunate reason, just a few months before I was born (fortunately it is virtually impossible that I was conceived during this particular episode’s airing), four members of the 1981 Dodgers — Rick Monday, Steve Yaeger, Jerry Reuss and Jay Johnstone — appeared on said program to perform their cover of “We Are The Champions” under the name The Big Blue Wrecking Crew.

Um, unfortunately we aren’t able to embed it here. So you’ll have to click the link. Just remember that you will never, ever get these 6 minutes, 55 seconds back. But in a weird way, you’ll be glad that’s the case.

While The Big Blue Wrecking Crew is clearly a sports/music fusion forerunner to the Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew and their 1985 hit single “The Super Bowl Shuffle,” it isn’t quite a match musically. However, at this point we can only hope that this year’s Dodgers will reach similar heights of success so they can parlay it into a musical appearance on, um, Last Call with Carson Daly.

Our dream quartet? Manny Ramirez, Juan Pierre, Chan Ho Park and Jeff Kent. Make it happen, guys.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Disco-Era Dodgers Rock Out (Warning: Not Safe For Ears)”

  2. Is that woman wearing hammer pants? As soon as I saw that I had to turn it off

    By Pablo on Oct 10, 2008

  3. i can’t believe you’ve happened upon something from “solid gold”- pretty high crap, but i, personally, liked the striptease at the end. the co-host lady is marilyn mccoo. she used to sing duets with andy gibb. he was the foxiest of the brothers gibb. and that transvestite puppet “madame” just freaks me out.

    By nancy on Oct 10, 2008

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