Vince Young, a Promising Young Man, Appears Not Well

September 9, 2008 – 12:35 pm by admin

Lost in in all the hysteria surrounding Tom Brady’s season-ending knee injury was another quarterback injury Sunday. Titans signal caller Vince Young went down with a sprained knee and is expected to miss two to four weeks with the injury.

The bigger problem, however, appears to be Young’s mental state.

During the game Sunday against Jacksonville — which the Titans won — Young threw two interceptions and was booed mercilessly by the home crowd. Many people noticed that Young was reluctant to enter the game after throwing his second pick. He eventually did, but was injured a few plays later.

At times he sat alone on the sidelines and didn’t talk to anybody.

That was bad enough. Then came the news this morning that the Titans contacted police to track Young down Monday night after friends became concerned with his demeanor.

The Titans have since played down the incident, releasing a statement that said Young was found at a friend’s house, returned home and seemed just fine.

OK, let’s look past the fact that Young is physically injured. Things are bad enough, apparently, that the Titans are reportedly going to work out both Joey Harrington and Quinn Gray. Kerry Collins will make the start this Sunday. Yikes.

The bigger problem here is Young’s perceived lack of mental toughness. If he indeed was hesitant to come back into the game after throwing a couple picks and being booed, how is it possible he’ll be able to lead this team this season. Or ever.

You may remember when the draft rolled around in 2006 a lot was made of Young’s score on the Wonderlic aptitude test. He reportedly scored so low some teams were concerned he might not be smart enough to handle the NFL.

It makes us wonder whether those past concernes are being reflected now as he struggles to handle the rigors of being an NFL quarterback.

Let’s be clear: Vince Young was never going to be John Elway. He’s simply a different type of quarterback. But a few years into the league, it’s not too far-fetched for Titans management to expect some improvement. At times he’s just been awful.

None of this bodes well. So, the question remains, when healthy, can Vince Young effectively lead the Titans to the playoffs?

Photo courtesy of The Tennessean

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